The Doodlebug

It’s a sickness, really. I couldn’t really sit through many lessons at school, or lectures at uni, or meetings now, without heavily illuminating my page with various squiggly creatures and satisfying geometric patterns and shapes. It’s addictive and therapeutic. My Choodles have slowed now that my commute is quicker, but I plan on making a bit more time for just drawing without a specific aim or intention.

I saw this a little while back and I think it sums up the value of the doodle perfectly:

This website, Doodlers Anonymous is also dedicated to showcasing doodles from all over. They also set up great projects to get involved in, like this 2012 calendar – each month received loads of fantastic submissions. Here are some of my favourite finds:

C M Carter has a really great style, so fun and unique – check out his website for lots of funny comics and pro illustrations.

Cheryl Smith is a super creative lady – looking at her websites is like going through a treasure chest of crafty goodness! Check out her Journals and Crafts here.

I really aspire to have the patience and imagination of Alex Chiu – his works are just the kind of thing I want in my life – all over my walls and on every blank tee I own. Have a drool over his website here.

So, hopefully that’s inspired you to get doodling!

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