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My interaction with Zayn (ft. chooch’s meltdown)

It was well into the concert, and I only had ONE sentiment for him and I was two seats away from the catwalk and I kept holding the sign up and he kept missing it and I was losing all hope.


Finallllly, he saw it


(thanks stylinnuendo for the gif)

The next day, it hit me. And I burst into tears, because despite the islamophobia, from media and the fandom alike, Zayn is still here. And he is kicking ass. He’s smart, talented, hard working, and though I’m sure it hurts to see what people say about him, he is still here, carrying us, bearing the representation, being brown, being Muslim. 

And in this split moment, he knew that someone who understood all this, was right there with him.


We get off the bus and Digit goes “What are you wearing? You look like a chooch!”… And we go in to pick up our meal and we ask one of our teammates, “What is a chooch!? What does that mean? Is that a good thing, is that a bad thing? Are we in trouble?” [x]

why every time i tell someone that i went to a one direction concert they ask how old i am?

Like, yes, i am a fully functioning adult. I have a real job, health and car insurance, bills, and an apartment that I live in without my parents. 

But yes, this fully functioning adult makes her own money that she chooses to spend too much of on one direction.

fucking deal with it!