I’m about to head to Wesley to have a big sleepover with the other 15 people headed to Guatemala with me in the morning. Tallahassee to Miami and then Guat. From there we have a 4 hour bus ride to the village of Chontala where we are staying and working and loving on the people.
Unexpectedly, I’m nervous. For what? I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe because I’ll forget something. Maybe because it’s my first international mission trip. Maybe because I’m afraid I won’t jump into things right away and miss out. Maybe because I’m leading worship and really haven’t gotten the songs down pat yet. Maybe because car rides sometimes make me sick.
I am actually looking forward to the culture shock. I want to feel things and see things outside my everyday, busy, and sometimes apathetic life. I want to write every moment down and how it made me and others feel. I want to have meaningful conversations about God with members of my team and with the families.
We were told a few meetings ago that one of the young women lost both her parents at a young age. I really want her to know that she is not alone. That I have been there. That I have the same struggles. But do I? I don’t live in Guat. I haven’t experienced what she has. But I want God to work through that and use me to give her peace if she needs it. And maybe she will teach me something too. Just like everyone else will, I am confident of that.
I want to remember how I am feeling now when I get back in 9 days. What a beautiful week it will have been. And of course, it will go by too quickly. It always does.