Incoming Mail: From Chongolio in Thailand!

My good buddy Chongo went to the amazing, enchanting, (I can’t even believe he was so lucky) Thailand a couple of months ago. He took some really cool photos of dragons, festivals, and nature while he was there. He also wrote a few blog posts before taking a break for the holidays. Guess what? He’s back! He is back to posting regularly and vlogging. He promised he would send me something and well…he did!

I got this mail and was really excited to see an envelope that was postmarked in Thailand! Who gets mail from Thailand?! Me! I didn’t want to ruin the envelope, so I took my time and marveled in all the strange, foreign, beautiful things he sent me. It was filled with lots of old papers, magazine cutouts, and even some neat snack wrappers. I loved it and am finding it hard to use what’s inside to cut and paste! Thanks buddy!


Incoming Mail: ATC Jam

Steph sent me this awesome ATC Jam project. This is a neat little “round robin” challenge, where artist trading cards are prepped and sent to another recipient. The second person adds his or her own creative touches and sends it to another person. The third and final person finishes the ATCs and send one back the first and second guys to keep forever!

In the end, three people collaborated on a series and used mail to create and complete artwork that can be shared! I sent my ATCs to Chongolio, and he informed us today that they are on their way back to MD and FL! yay!


There’s so much work sitting around I haven’t been so great posting in chronological order. I usually like to write a bit about each piece and post it accordingly, but I completely forgot about this one! 

My good bloggin’ buddy Chongolio sent me a sweet mail package a while ago full of collage pieces, stickers, and even rice paper! I immediately went to my sketchbook to use the stuff he sent. I made three pages all together, one with blackout poetry, one with an orange tag, and one to accompany a list I had just made. Well, when all that was said and done and I was satisfied I went straight to work on a bigger piece. I wanted to use the old book pages he sent, because they were browning on the edges and seemed mysterious! 

I kept things simple when it came to color, but added elements of stitchings, text, and my own drawings. I photocopied an old sketchbook page from the summer, and it was perfect for this Polynesian theme that the book pages called for. It’s small, about 9 x 12 but it has a lot of character! Happy humpday artlings!


A mysterious building has sprung up in Lot 8!

Video taken with a #HubsanX4. Sound bed made with a #kaossilator

#Chongolio #drone #sciencefiction #kauai #Hawaii #aliens (at Lot 8, Kauai)