These were posted on MVF and I had to share with you guys.

Two siblings from the famous Sid x Harvest clutch. Originally owned by Doc Martini, these two beauties are now in the hands of the newly-formed EU-PCC (European Premium Chondro Crew). Parcival really reminds me of his late father.

Photos by CHristos Issaris (aka CristocI)


A freshly shed Peridot is a thing of great beauty. His eyes look so much better than they did last night.

I really don’t like taking my snakes out in the front lawn of the apartment for pictures, mostly because the neighbors are usually hanging around and I’m not crazy about my neighbors, but the lighting in the backyard was pretty bad. This lighting wasn’t great either though. Fruitless venture, I suppose.


Who likes yawns ? I freakin love it !!

1.0 Green Tree Python

0.1 Jungle Carpet Python

1.1 Jungle Jaguar Carpet Python

1.0 Enchi Ball Python

0.1 Jungle Carpet Python

1.0 Bredli Python

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Shortly, these will be on their way to me. 25 small and 2 large GTPs, to be auctioned off for Rico Walder. Sculpted by Kristina Lucas Francis and based off of Rico’s photo of his male #96016 (scroll down).

I’ll keep everyone here updated on when the auctions will go up, but I’ve also created a FB page: https://www.facebook.com/GTPsForRico