12 Sliders 30 minutes EASY!!!! Just because they look absolutely amazing, I wouldn’t even mind failing this challenge because I would be in heaven….If I died whilst eating these sliders I would be perfectly satisfied with the life I have lived……AS LONG AS I ATE A DOS AMIGO’s SANDWICH THAT SAME WEEK #Justsayin

Gains of the week // Finished chompies, chimp ice deliveries, and my master runecrafting set. The chimp ice were surprisingly easier than I thought, thankfully I had two enhancers to help me with them~

Gains of the month // I met my goals of 40m slayer, 20m base xp, chompies, and master rc robes. For June, I plan on working towards 30m base xp (div/hunt), 50m+ slayer, and getting back into warbands and bossing!~

10 people I wanna get to know better

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Nickname: Brooker, Brookie the Wookie

Star sign: Aries

Gender: Female

Height: 5′5′’

Time and date: 5/31/2015 9:23 pm

Average amount of sleep: 4-6 hours

Last thing I googled: traditional versus matched grip on snare drum

How many blankets do I sleep with?: 0- A bunch of sheets and a fluffy, white puppy

Favorite fictional character: Chompy the Goat from The Fairly Odd Parents

 Favorite Book: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Favorite band: The Antlers, 21 Pilots, Modest Mouse, Muse

Last movie I saw: Pitch Perfect 2

Dream Holiday: Backpacking through New Zealand/colorado/anywhere with mountains! And then ending up living there because it’s so beautiful and amazing

Dream Job: Something involving music…or  World health….or just something with purpose…idk 

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After having a great start and being 2 months ahead on statues I fell behind and finally knocked those out. 

What’s left is now:
-2.7k Chompies

-2705 Gold Tickets (know very little about Thalers)

-will hopefully get Mob Armies done while it’s spotlighted

-5 more champs which I’m very dry on (Goblins, Earth Warriors, Banshees, Lesser Demons, Hill Giants)

-396 Medals at Flingers (Please someone make me go)

-590k distance til I can get my last Trio Mission

So, in ORAS I’m hatching Staryu in one daycare and carvanha in another. I’ve been thinking naming the shiny carvanha Chompy and and I’m too sure about the staryu. Any ideas? Or should I just keep them unnamed? If not Chompy what other names?

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Did you use a gemstone reference for your gemsona ? I want to make one of my own and I can't really dig up enough info to choose a gem I enjoy enough (sorry if this is annoying)

I barely researched it at all to be honest. I knew the general direction I wanted to go in before I started, because I wanted the character to be a mixture of myself and a half-finished monster sona concept, it had to be blue, and I wanted to involve huge pointy teeth. I did some looking around around a week prior, but then accidentally found there was a stone called apatite, and it was just too perfect a name for a being with big dang chompy teeth, AND it was blue, so I picked it immediately.