chologazm asked:

Can you please recommend some coral lipglosses ? <3 thanx

Hello!  Definitely.  Coral is my favorite color for summer!


NYX MegaShine in Nude Peach - $5


Revlon SuperLustrous in Coral Reef - $6


Revlon ColorBurst in Sunset Peach - $6


ELF Hypershine in Flirt - $1


ELF Glossy Gloss in Tangy Tangerine - $3


Maybelline ColorSensational High Shine gloss in Captivating Coral - $6

Other good ones:

  • NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Peach Melba - $2
  • NYX Butter Gloss in Peaches and Cream - $5
  • Wet n Wild Megaslicks in Berry Burst - $2

Hope that helps you!  :D


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chologazm asked:

What historical fiction books/authors would you suggest ?

Are we just talking about the Tudors or in general? 

I mean author wise, anything by Bernard Cornwell or Sharon Kay Penman is guaranteed to be fantastic. Ken Follett is another good one. 

But as for my favorite books 

For the Tudor time period

To Die For- Sandra Byrd

Brief Gaudy Hour- Margaret Campbell Barnes

Wolfhall- Hilary Mantell 

The Boleyn King- Laura Anderson (not really a historical fiction, more like a “what if” story, but very enjoyable) 

Innocent Traitor- Alison Weir 

For just historical fiction in general: 

The Pagan Lord- Bernard Cornwell 

When Christ and His Saint’s Slept- Sharon Kay Penman 

The Sunne In Splendor- Sharon Kay Penman 

Queen By Right- Anne Easter Smith 

The Captive Queen- Alison Weir 

Lady of the English- Elizabeth Chadwick 

Pillars of the Earth- Ken Follett

chologazm asked:

The thing is that it probably means it's going to be canceled before a 4th season at least from what it seems nick is trying to get rid of the show as fast as possible due to low ratings the move is just to avoid an all out riot amongst fans

Nah. If anything, Book 4 will just be online, too. Although, since next year is the franchise’s 10th anniversary, it’d be nice if they could put it on the air just to celebrate.