ChoiJa and F(x) Sulli face another scandal


On the broadcast of Human Condition, Dynamic Duo’s ChoiJa announced that he lost his wallet. Recently, a photo spread through Facebook, purportedly ChoiJa’s lost wallet with a picture of F(x) Sulli’s picture with the captions, “Don’t spend too much money” and a sticker photo with ChoiJa and Sulli in couple poses.

Netizens are reacting with “this is pretty much irrefutable” , “if this is true, congratulations, you are cute together despite 14 years of age difference” , “I’m sorry to lose Sulli to another guy, but congratulations anyway” ,  ”this couple is much less detestable than Baekhyun and Taeyeon” and “What’s wrong with SM these days? Everyone’s probably dating by the looks of it”


? (Question Mark) - Primary ft. Zion T. and Choija of Dynamic Duo

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thank you for making the shit got7 says photosets! they are so funny! i was just wondering if you have any favorite got7 blogs? do you mind recommending me some? (i am kinda closet jackson biased even though i love mark otl they all ruined my life!) thank you for running sucha awesome blog! ^-^

omg thank you for sending such a sweet message!! ;____; literally every got7 blog i follow is my favorite! i’ll list the ones that i end up reblogging from a lot: (asteriks next to jackson biased blogs)

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choijaes' gif + coloring tutorial

i got an ask earlier today asking how i make my gifs so this is my tutorial on how i make them!!

p.s: i’m bad at explaining things so if you have any questions please send me an ask and i’ll try and help a little more ;;

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i'm so sorry to bother but would you mind giving me the link to /post/98885018290/ if you still have it? (if you linked it in the caption and i missed it, i'm really so sorry ;; )

oh don’t worry, love you’re not bothering me <3 it’s from this fancam, and don’t be sorry i did not link it on the caption (i always want to but i always forget lol T_T)