unmyung-deactivated20140708 said:

You're the best you know that? Idk what I would have done without you. stay with me... <3

omg kekekeke i felt all fuzzy and warm inside when i got this…you love me so much? I love you too <3 I can’t imagine life w/o you…it’s like a body with no soul! omg pls excuse my fruitiness 
 Can i just say that when you said stay with me i thought of mblaq tho i am just saying but the point is ilu and we will be together forever bb i ship us like how i ship heungsoo and nam soon okies
hold let me give you some gifs of us I mean heungsoo and nam soon’s borderline ghei bromance



okies i got lazy i am gonna stohp now but you get it
anyways let me leave you with a cute last gif of something unexpected:


btw you own my



unmyung-deactivated20140708 said:

Hey love ^_^ So yeah do #s 14, 18, 28, and 57.

Hello dear :D 

14. When was the last time you cried? Why?

Hmmm I think it was a couple weeks ago and because I just felt so stressed out and things were going wrong haha :)

18. Favorite movie ever?

Uhmm, its between To Kill A Mockingbird and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

28. Is there anything you want to say to someone?

Yeah :3

57. If you could go back in time, which time period would you visit?

Hmmm, I would want to visit the 17th century :3