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Can you think of any existing BL manga that fit that description? Everything you just said is exactly what I want too. Especially the bit about a BL protagonist who is like Kotetsu. That would be so great!

Oh man, I’m really bad when it comes to things like that… two weeks ago someone asked me to list my favourite BL manga and I’m still struggling with answering this question (I’M SO SORRY FOR BEING SO SLOW AND TERRIBLE), because I can go with either 3 very obvious choices or like, 100 titles that I really really liked. There’s no in-between for me, once I start listing things I simply can’t stop. It just seems, I don’t know, unfair?… yeah, I take it way too seriously. 

Anyway, back to moe oyaji types. Once again, I’d like to link you all to the manga habit and its Oyaji BL Manga Primer. Older men are sorted into a couple of categories, so everyone can find something for yourself. Although it really is quite difficult to find a story that’d fit the description I wrote in my previous post… here are some of my additional recommendations:

- “Sora to Hara” by Nakamura Asumiko;
- Kuimonodokoro Akira” by Yamashita Tomoko (afair Akira was kind of Kotetsu-ish, but I read it a couple of years ago so I’m not 100% sure of that… anyway, this manga is v. hilarious, I should reread it one day);
- “Lies Are a Gentleman’s Manners” by Matsuo Marta (the older guy in this story is nothing like Kotetsu, but I enjoyed his whimsical and a bit twisted personality);
- It’s mentioned on the blog I just linked to, but let me repeat it here - est em and basso are top notch and their characters are often a bit more mature, incredibly attractive and they feel so… human too.  Suzuki Tsuta is a good choice if you’re looking for a lighter read, but I haven’t read any of her stuff in ages. I think Yoshinaga Fumi likes her some oyaji too (Kinou Nani Tabeta?, Antique Bakery etc).

I can’t think of more at the moment, s-sorry ;; most of these stories involve an age gap too… perhaps my lovely followers could recommend us some other oyaji BL manga? Please help!

cyclemama said:

I completely agree with this. Hopefully, as mangaka age with us we will get more stories with mature men. Sadly, I have a feeling that the publishers don’t think the market is there for older characters.

Yeah, I think so too. The publishers should realize the target audience keeps constantly changing and so do the readers’ expactations (actually, Tiger and Bunny is a prime example of that, its unexpected popularity was rather mindblowing). Let’s hope we’ll see more and more BL manga with older protagonists in the future!