i have too many cool date ideas but majority of girls aren’t worthy i feel cause they just looking for a free meal and free shit tbh and don’t actually want to connect and get to know someone, I’m not saying all women but the majority let’s be honest but I can’t wait to take my special someone on these dates forreal. It also makes me sad when girls tell me they’ve never been on a real don’t :/ like going to the movies I don’t consider a real date lmao like that’s what couples do together or friends. Chivalry is really dead.

Dear Future Son

I will raise you to be the best man you can be. I will teach you that chivalry isn’t dead. Holding doors open will be so natural to you that you won’t even have to think about it. When you’re young, I will make you take me on dates so that when you become a man and you have a special someone, you’ll know just how to treat them. You won’t beat on your significant other but instead hold them close and never let go. You won’t force yourself between their legs when they say no but respect their every wish and be patient. I promise I won’t let you be like the men that I’ve encountered. Though you are a boy, I know that there could be a chance that you won’t grow up to be the type of man that society thinks you should be. My king, I need you to know and understand that it’s okay to be different and I will accept you however you turn out. If you do turn out to be gay, just know that I love you and I will be standing right next to you the whole way. I will support your decisions. If you come to me at 4 years old and tell me you want a barbie, we will head right to the store and get you one. If you come to me at 16 years old and you want to learn how to put on makeup, we will sit in front of the mirror and I will teach you everything I know.  If you decide you want girly clothes, we will go buy you a whole new wardrobe. I need you to know that you can be whoever your heart desires and though not everyone will be okay with it, you have me. I will never be ashamed of you and I will love you to the best of my ability. You will be the only boy to ever have my heart and I can only hope that when you become a man, you will adore me as much as I do you.

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I mean, your blog is sexy and all, but someone telling you that they love jacking off to it? Certainly not the way to get the ladies my friend. And they say chivalry is dead. Sheesh.

They said they like jacking it to me, not my blog. Either way, not a line to use.

Inside her shell:letters of the moon child

Promiscuity was something I could never do. Everyone would ask me time after time why don’t you date, in my head I think because no ones worth it, but I don’t want to sound like a stuck up bitch, so I’d just say I’m focusing on other aspects of my life. Although that was also true, for the most part I looked at dating like hmm, why would I give all my time and energy to someone who has nothing to offer but sweet words, sex, and possessiveness. At the young age that I am either the money that guys have is dirty or their mothers. Not too many guys work for theirs anymore. Chivalry is certainly dead.