Some believe that before the universe, there is nothing.
They’re wrong.


History Channel Specials

Avengers related History Channel Specials. Sources claim a Stark family expose was also in the works, but we haven’t seen or heard anything of it yet.

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Cover art for ‘The Real Asgard’ is concept art by Michael Kutsche.

Check out this awesome new Daredevil poster!

We also have a few new details and tidbits:

  • The series is set post-Avengers, but it is not certain where it falls in terms of the phase 2 tentpole, Winter Soldier.
  • Deals more directly with the ground-level aftermath of the Chitauri invasion. It covers Hell’s Kitchen as it rebuilds.
  • There will be a few subtle references to other heroes.
  • Charlie Cox is open to a Civil War appearance, but feels like Daredevil as a character isn’t one of the superhero big-boys, per se.

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you know what would be cool? an agents of shield flashback episode set on the day the battle of new york happened. just showing what each of the characters besides coulson was doing and how they reacted. i don’t know why they’d ever do that but it would be so cool to see each of their responses to the fact that actual aliens just invaded new york city.