Adventures in Dallas

So today I’m chilling at this burger joint in Dallas, TX enjoying my delicious meal

when out of nowhere some guy freaking Bale-Batman growls,
Gimme Your Burgerrr' and lunges at me! :O
Yooo I’m from the Bronx man, I didn’t even hesitate before smacking the shit out of this clown and only after hitting him as hard as I could did I realize that it was one of my friends from work XD luckily he is a big strong guy (he plays a Chitauri soldier in Marvel Universe Live, basically gets beat up for a living) so he survived the beating. In fact we were both laughing so hard we cried and when he said ‘that’s what you’re supposed to do! you hit me so hard, I’m so proud of you!!’ it just made the whole thing even funnier XD
Moral of the story, don’t get between me and my food

Some believe that before the universe, there is nothing.
They’re wrong.


History Channel Specials

Avengers related History Channel Specials. Sources claim a Stark family expose was also in the works, but we haven’t seen or heard anything of it yet.

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Cover art for ‘The Real Asgard’ is concept art by Michael Kutsche.


do you see where the Chitauri leviathan is placed on Tony’s HUD in Avengers?

do you see where the Hulkbuster is placed?

the Leviathan was Tony’s target

aggressively hoping Tony is actually fighting the hulkbuster

safety first, tony last.