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A custom project for a good friend of mine is in the works this afternoon. This is my first time joining reclaimed wood with finger joints while experimenting in what I think is a crazy method that I think is working out! | #reclaimed #pallet #wood #fingerjoints #box #woodworking #irwin #marples #chisle #tools #project #photooftheday #irwintools

((Hey, guys! Sorry for the slow uploads -w- but I have some news! My sister, AlleyBalley, is interested in Tumblr, but she isn’t allowed to make an accout (hehe) Sooooo…I’m letting her ‘barrow’ my Tumblr for a little bit! She’ll add here charas (seen above) along with mine OUO She even made this banner special~! We have:

Chisle: A young creeper with a taste for adventure and an attitude!

Scrap: An elemental 'Friendly Creeper’ with some…um…'mental issues’.

Jeff: Just your average miner with a fear of…well, everything almost!

Mismatch: Keep your fingers away, because he’ll bit 'em off! (Don’t touch his hair!)

Erib: M&M’s younger brother. Yep, younger.

Nicket: A cat sprite retrived from the Aether by Erib.

Venesa: A super shy Endermiss who likes to accesorise!

That’s the gang ^w^ Most of her characters know mine, FYI. Feel free to send them questions! My sis is really excited >w<))

Tools of an Artist Trade : Sculpture

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A Series of Wardens: Tabris

A/N: For some reason, I’ve been thinking a LOT about my Wardens lately and their personalities. I have a special love for the different back stories and how they came to be. So without further ado, I give you: 

A Series of Wardens


Enasalin, raised with the bitter taste of fury in her mouth. Elf, she is called, knife-ear. She was named victory, a great feat of love from a woman who was felled by shems, and that death resonates in her chest and plants a seed of hate. Along walls of oppression she slinks and watches, and each word she says with clenched teeth and fire in her eyes. She runs wild with her cousins, but is stopped by a gate that crashes down and a boot that reminds them of their place. Keep quiet, she is told, and the words make her want to scream. Hollows in her palms from nails digging into skin become part of her, part of her always holding back. One day, she vows, and it is an oath whispered each night, in the dead of night.

In the face of marriage she longs to run, but in the face of his sacrifice something strikes her, makes the steel in her hand sing. She has fought before, but as she carves a river towards her true foe, she wonders if it was really a fight before this. A stained dress, innocence lost, and that is when she truly loses it, and like dogs they fall before her. It is not enough, there is not enough blood, and as she lets her cousin cry against her, there is a lust that she has not felt before. More. There must be more. The day has come, and she is wild and furious and she will not be stopped.

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you insult me and tell riko not to date me and then you turn around and come in to my inbox like "he y but //// .. . . what if we were dating. . .// / / doki doki" so basically this is all just a convoluted plan to keep me single and get me to fall in love w/ you but i got news for you you lost your chances w/ me way back when you were given the option to pluck those brows and you decided not to

      jealous by nick jonas plays in the bg
Dreams of burning. S. D. What is happening?

That’s all. Just. That.

I still. Do not. Have. A. Job.

Terror soaks into me.

Last night’s dream: Featured Julie L (a friend from HS that I saw in NYC in January at that conference) and also her mother and her dream sister (she actually does not have a sister in real life).

In the dream: Julie’s father is a sadistic murderer.

In the dream, I go to her house. I’m visiting. The father is swarthy… He is dark, brown smooth skin, tall, with dark eyes and a perfectly chisled face.

In contrast. We are all light: us girls. Julie has hair like Dr. R, she is small like Dr. R, but blonde. Her mother is blonde too.

And… Oh. The sister, she looks like me, sort of: small, with rounded hips, pale, her nose strong, her eyes sad, with long blond hair.

This sister: in the dream, at the house: she breaks the rules.

She does something wrong. (Today now, I don’t know what she did wrong.)

The father – we are all watching, watching this, it is such sick horror. And she’s done wrong, so: he ties her to a bed, and..

He lights her on fire.

She doesn’t scream. Her face is so calm. But.. Her body is lit up immediately. She’s silent. But her hair ignites, a torch of blonde hair becoming black in the flames, her face then melting, and I can’t look away, I am screaming and so is Julie and so is her mother and it is the most horrific thing, the sister, the older sister, her hair, (oh her hair, just like mine!) her whole body, burning, still tied to that bed, and I am actively screaming as I wake up.

I woke K up, with my shout. It… Was panic. I didn’t cry. But I was so fucking freaked out.

Heart… It won’t still. It is.. death. It is. What?

What is this, but sheer terror?

Dr. R… After I tell her about this weekend and my pushing the fucking door a bit wider, more and more.. today, telling her just a few details before closing off again and staying silent on her analytic couch, staring up out the window at the tree there, not speaking.

She asks me today:

– what is it, that we are doing in here, that makes you so terrified?


What is making you want him so badly?

She asks:

Why is it so hard for you to tell me what’s really happening, for you, with this “bad boy,” this stranger guy, the pull to draw him into your intimacy, to connect with him even though you barely know him? Why is it so hard to tell me what’s happening with your feelings?

Do you think I would burn you alive for feeling lust?

And, not just with this guy, this perfect escape, this new man who clearly seems drawn to you too,

but also… with S: why would seeing him, hurt you this badly?

She asks.

And I just laugh and I can’t reply because I don’t want to feel this, I just… don’t want to.

(To say aloud, out loud, that my reptile brain is strong and I can’t fight it? That maybe I’m tired of fighting it?)

I had no idea.

Why was the father dark? Is it K, maybe?

Is it Dr R?



It may be S. (oh, it is, probably. S.)

Is it because, after 8 months with not seeing him, after all those months of mourning. Grieving. I missed him. Longed for him to touch me again, his fingers on me, to feel my skin on his, again. And then: remembering. Our friendship, how it was suddenly gone, crushed into nothing, all lost, on the day he left me for her, left me for A.

The way I cried on the balcony, and S touched my back and said, I have to choose her, because you, you C, you do not want to lose what you have with K. I can’t take that away from you. You’d never forgive me.

And I cried and then calmed, and kissed his cheek in gratitude, to say goodbye, and I saw his sadness, and yet felt like my heart had been ripped right out of my desperately raw chest.

Is it because, after all that time and distance – I saw S, with A, last month, when they visited here for S&D’s wedding in April?

Did seeing him again destabilize me this much?

Is it… because I wanted him to see, just a tiny peek, a tiny glimmer, of my feelings, even now?

(i must remember: I love K so much it aches inside of me.)

But somehow –


I do not even know, myself. I do not know myself.

I’m burning alive. Burning, and it feels so good, so fucking good.

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Everybody crushes on vengarl

Oh good, it’s not just me, maybe one day i will work up the courage to talk to vengarl-senpai, no i will work up the courage!

*lights dim* *spotlight on mun* *confident pose*

I will one day speak to Vengarl! i will send Andre his way! and there will be bara action for all the fans! as their manly chests rub against eachother like chisled melons! and everyone will shot out in glee!

“Oh god why!?” “we love you Andre, Vengarl!”

And i will say yes, i love you too!

I will do it! i will tag dear Vengarl in this post, so that he may notice me!


but not today, i need to get better at writing

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I'm not, I swear! Your personality is also pretty rad 😎

Well in any means, thank you.
I mean im not just a good looking, chisled body, good smellings, strong jawlined boy, im also a liar because im none of those. well i might be slightly good looking