It’s about time I posted this.

About a month ago, I was shocked, and honored, to receive a message from my awesome friend Chipocrite, the widely-known chiptune musician, requesting that I create the casing and CD art for his newest album release, Wordplay. After hours of intensive lineart and pixels and vectoring, I present to the internet a breakdown of the album’s visuals.

1. Front Cover
2. Inside Left (featuring a playable word search)
3. Inside Right
4. Back Cover (blank space on the bottom right intended for UPC)
5. CD
6. Product shot (featuring my hobo gloves)

(Spine not featured due to Tumblr image jankiness.)

I am immensely proud, and grateful, that he approached me to create this. It’s been an honor and a privilege to have been a part of making this whole thing possible for my immensely talented friend.

Listen to and purchase this beautiful album here:




SUPER SECRET SERVICE, a game we did with Austin Ivansmith and flashygoodness is OUT TODAY on iOS, Android and Amazon!

For more infos, visit the game’s page on Austin’s website. Here is a sample:


• On sale %50 off through Nov. 16th.
• It’s an addictive action game with a deceptively simple mechanic, and perfect for short burst play.
• The game exudes a playful personality thanks to Johan Vinet’s amazing pixel art.
• flashygoodness brings his A game with a chiptune score straight from the SNES era.
• Leaderboards and achievements cataloging 10,000 possible agent combinations.
• Super Secret Service is ad-free on all platforms.

And if you would like to know more about the development process behind Super Secret Service, please follow this link

You can also listen to (or buy) the fabulous SNES music of the game composed by talented flashygoodness!

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It’s the Gravity Falls theme! On the NES! YAY!

Anamanaguchi -「Pop It (ft. ______☆)」 (Official Music Video)

Slime Girls

2. Video Girl
3. HEART ON WAVE (SYNCHRONICITY Let’s Kickstart Joey Season 3 Remix)***
4. HEART ON WAVE (astroskeleton remix)
5. Video Girl (kanon_kid Remix)
6. Video Girl (Form & Shape Roaming Gang of Monstrous Beauties Remix)
7. Video Girl (petriform remix)



***Every download of this single is one signature towards a petition for Joey Season 3

Crying’s new double EP is out!

There’s a year-old Youtube video of Crying performing in what looks like a Baltimore basement. You can barely hear lead singer Elaiza Santos in it, her voice drowned out by Game Boy chirps and other instruments*. I doubt anyone has played this video as many times as I have — I’ve spent at least two entire afternoons at work with the live set looping nonstop in a background browser tab, tapping my feet and bobbing my head to the music while immersed in HTML and spreadsheets.

I listened to it so much partly because I played through last year’s amazing but super-short EP a million times, and this was a different way to hear those songs in a new way. But I also kept reloading because there are a few unreleased tracks in the set, and even though the recording isn’t clean by any definition and Elaiza’s vocals are too garbled to make out, you can still tell these songs are just so. damn. good. Like, jams just waiting to be released and claimed. I wouldn’t even let the video fade out in its last seconds before jumping back to that buried tab and hitting replay again.

You could say the double EP has been much anticipated around these parts. You could also stream the entire thing for free after the break:

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Just in time for the holidays, it’s a whole new batch of TOME merchandise from our pals at Level Up Studios!


You asked for it and we listened! It’s a Kirbopher “I AM THE KING!”


The TOME 8-Bit Music Collection is a 10-track CD with old-school versions of the background music you know and love, composed by our longtime musician Weston Durant! It also features a never-before-heard 8-bit-style arrangement of the season 2 theme song “Heroes Don’t Ask Questions”


…and coming next year, we’ve got a sticker set featuring sprite artwork of our heroes ripped straight from the show! Along with a 6-character button set, adorned with the faces of our heroes! Now you can decorate your bags, hats and gaming consoles with the players of TOME!

All of this is available at: http://www.levelupstudios.com/tag/tome

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Follow the creator, Chris Niosi, on Twitter!


Download more of the series’ music from the TOME Bandcamp!


TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise, is a Flash-Animated webseries about a futuristic virtual reality game from the year 2020. The story focuses on five players in the world of TOME, who become wrapped up in the activity of some bizarre hackers, searching the game for an item called “The Forbidden Power”. Follow the adventures of our heroes, Alpha, Kirbopher, Flamegirl, Gamecrazed and Nylocke in the Terrain of Magical Expertise!