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Can you express how charming Josh is? Do you find that he's charming on screen?

How charming is Josh?

He’s like the charming little shack on the beach–you know, the one that looks real nice from the outside but once you get in you see a few paint chips here and there. The walls are sturdy, but they’re not wallpapered overly fancy. There’s an assortment of furniture, it’s nice, new, but seems out of place. You know this house was built from the sweat of a blue-collar back, and you like it that way–so why push the bourgeois? It’s only one bedroom, with a bath, smaller than all of the other places on the shoreline, but in retrospect, it fits you perfectly. And you love it just as it is. 

So, yeah, I find him charming. 

On and off screen. 


We went for a 4.5 mile walk around Key West the first morning. We covered a small portion of the southwest corner and visited the southernmost point in the continental United States.

The place we stayed at, Courtney’s Place, provided breakfast. It wasn’t anything special but we were really happy to have it provided every day. It saved us money and fueled us for our daily adventures!Chickens and cats were very common…I liked that.

The houses in Key West are very cool and fun to admire. The white one with chipped paint is just down the street from our place and I got to see it every day. I like that it looks haunted. I especially love the mod style house…it was for sale!