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What ever. I guess  this will be the first place its uploaded to. This is the completed version of the previous “Some thingy thats been keeping me busy" that I made some time ago. Had trouble trying to take it in directions. Im rather happy with  the near ending and how it turned out. But like usual, I tend to drift off while making things and they tend to sound like the songs change either in the middle of or near ending it. Oh well. Its done.

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Listen to Chiptunes In Stereo by algar, the album is as good as the cover art is kinda cheesy.  XD

sunshine. for a lonely heart.
  • sunshine. for a lonely heart.

This is a feel-good piece. I submitted it to Battle of the Bits - Summer Chip IV, as well. I hope you all enjoy it. 1xLSDJ

These past few weeks has been stressful to say the least, but things are finally starting to return to normal. Thank you everyone who has listened to my music and for the support.

Happy Summer :)


Such a happy, catchy song.

A little something that tickled my nostalgia bone that I found through

The compilation is a little hit or miss.  The lighter covers get better treatment from being chip-ified than former heavy hitters like Raining Blood.

Look to the cover of Blue Monday and Girls for some of the more interesting listening.