Through The Lens

This drabble is based of the photo above. It gave me massive feels and was going to be posted before Love Me Right came out but I got lazy and yeah. This isn’t great. It’s kinda angsty and well I suck at angst and writing in general but enjoy :) 


High school. A place for awkward first loves and puberty, the awful growing period between being a child and being an adult, where adults expect more from you but still treat you like a child.  A hell hole for anyone who isn’t popular,  ridiculously good at sports, or confident enough to make a fool of yourself or prank the principal by changing the mic feedback so when he spoke, his voice was that of a chipmunk (needless to say, the entire school laughed and they never found the culprit but everyone knew). Fortunately for you, you were a mixture of both. Not popular but not necessarily a loner. You were well-known for your photography but that didn’t mean that everyone wanted to be your friend. You were quite satisfied as you were. You had enough friends to be happy and you enjoyed your job as the school’s amateur photographer.

You enjoyed taking photos. Being able to see the world through a new scope, a new view. When you looked through the lens you felt like you could see the naked truth, the inner truths of the world, of people. Your friends always enjoyed looking at your photos, they always captured the right moments, whether they were the subjects best moments wasn’t the case. For example; one of your best friends favourites happens to be a snapshot of the captain of the football team, Joonmyun scolding his teammates for pranking their coach, by putting hair dye into his shampoo, colouring his  hair a bright pink. However, what made the photo so “perfect” according to her was the slight smile and laugh lines on his face as he scolds the boys. She always said you had a gift for capturing the “real” side of people. That the photos showed the true feelings of the people, not their fake smiles and niceties.

However, it never occurred to you that the “real ” side of people could be so eye opening. Every photo you took of your classmates felt like it told a story, their story. A story no one truly listens to. The hidden truth. Through your photography you felt like you knew your classmates better than they knew themselves. But not all stories are as sweet and endearing as others. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. This you discovered the hard way when you discovered the secret behind the football team’s superstar quarterback, Park Chanyeol.

Park Chanyeol was known for being a happy virus; always smiling, always cracking jokes and bothering his smaller, more intimidating wide receiver, Do Kyungsoo. He was the schools major heartthrob after Kim Jongin, of course, a football player slash underground dance legend. However, Park Chanyeol wasn’t always so sweet, he also had a cocky side to him which often caused him a couple of red cheeks when he routinely dumped and casted aside girl after girl. He was your typical, playboy, heartthrob jock. You would be delusional to deny that Park Chanyeol was handsome, even though his ego was so big it was its own solar system. But the moment you captured Park Chanyeol in his “real” form, everything he created, everything he did vanished as his true image developed. A image that would change everything.

It was after the semi-finals, Chanyeol had lead the team to victory and the boys were celebrating in the locker rooms with groups of avid fans trying to sneak a peek at them all sweaty and naked, ready to hit the showers. Staying behind to look over your shots of the game, you looked up at the empty stadium to see a figure standing on the field. Surprised, you lifted your camera and slowly zoomed in on the figure, only to discover it was Park Chanyeol.

What is he doing back out here? Shouldn’t he be celebrating like the rest?

Being born curious, you kept your camera poised in Chanyeol’s direction, snapping a few pictures, here and there when you saw the side of his face as his turned his head slightly. The lights from the stadium cast a shadow over his face, sculpting his sharp jawline and his impeccable facial features. However, even standing in the direct light couldn’t hide the dull lifeless look in Chanyeol’s eyes as he stood in the field. Mesmerized slowly you began to analyse his body, noting his tensed shoulder blades that bunched together tightly and his clenched fists gripping his pants so tight his knuckles turned white. Never once had you or any other student seen Chanyeol angry or frustrated, he was always happy, always strong. But maybe everything everyone thought they saw was a façade. A mask to hide the truth that Chanyeol wasn’t ok, he needed help.

After the encounter, you had developed a new interest in Park Chanyeol, observing him was something that intrigued you beyond belief and you couldn’t understand why. Things like this have happened before, when you have discovered that other students aren’t nearly as happy as they presume to be. However, usually you try and help them and have constantly felt better afterwards, gaining a new friend and helping someone in need of love. But this was Park Chanyeol, you couldn’t just go up to him and start comforting him. He would be too proud to admit to you or his friends, seeing as he was never alone throughout the entire school day. Which lead to the question as to why Park Chanyeol, teenage hearthrob, looked so helpless and empty that night. Why, when he is constantly surrounded by praise and adoration from others, that he feels something so painful to look so destroyed?

You couldn’t help but feel restless. You knew there was more you could but how? How was it that you could help out the most popular boy in school from loneliness when he has never showed something like to anyone, well at least not knowingly. Until you realised the one way you could help him was by doing the thing you know best, capture the real moments.

At first, it was hard. What were Park Chanyeol’s real moments? When he was with his friends? When he was playing football? When he was surrounded by adoring fans? None of them showed anything like the real Chanyeol. All they showed where fake smiles and fake promises. It wasn’t until you stumbled upon Chanyeol alone afterschool, it was raining so football practice was off but you were utilizing the schools editing software to put together some of the shots from that night to start your creation, when you saw him outside on the grass, under a tree. He looked as if he was sleeping but from the wrinkles in his forehead, you could tell otherwise. Grabbing your camera from your bag, you slowly zoom into Chanyeol, taking in the background and the pouring rain, you felt the shutter close rapidly as you captured the moment of Chanyeol in his real form. You watched as he slowly opened his eyes as they listlessly stared up at tree and its branches, slowly reaching his hand out to capturing the falling rain. He looked so peaceful yet in so much pain.

Moments like these were precious, you found that Chanyeol often stayed behind after practices or even on normal days to just sit in nature and sleep or stare aimlessly at the surroundings. You were lucky enough to capture most of the moments. The more moments you captured, the more you realised that you don’t want these moments to end. You were developing inappropriate feelings for someone who was well out of your reach. Someone who needed your help not your selfish desires.

This project went on for more than necessary and you knew it, but you were scared. Scared of rejection, scared of the disdain you may receive at taking photos of him without him knowing (something you realised can be easily taken as creepy or even perverse) or worse, scared of what will happen afterwards. The connection you developed with Chanyeol was one sided and only temporary slowly Chanyeol will finally be able to be his real self all the time without forcing himself to put on a façade. He will heal and be able to smile a real smile, laugh a real laugh and get angry when he wants to get angry without fear.

Admittedly, you should have hidden your creation much better, especially since one of Chanyeol’s teammates, Minseok was a frequent volunteer for the photography club. You weren’t surprised that he had easily seen the photo on the screen late afternoon when you were getting some snacks from the vender and he walked in after practice to check up on the club. You were scared when you were brought to the club room by Minseok the next day though as you stood in front of the entire team as they looked upon the collage that was Chanyeol in his “real” form. Chanyeol wasn’t there yet but you knew this wasn’t going to be kept a secret from him. His teammates were like family, and they protected their family.

“I didn’t want to cause a big scene, but what is this? Why have you got these photos of Chanyeol?” Minseok asked sternly as he grabbed an A4 printout of your collage. He held the page between his fingers as you looked down, ashamed you were found out. You knew that the plan was risky and could be easily misunderstood but you were so determined to help Chanyeol you couldn’t abandon it.

“I- I- I’m sorry, I was just trying to-” you started, trying to explain yourself when you were cut off by a deep voice you began to adore and wished away at this point in time.

“What’s going on here? Why is there a meeting on today? Why is she here?”

Chanyeol asked, confused as his eyes narrowed in on you. You could feel his stares on your back and watched as Baekhyun walked up to Chanyeol, showing him the collage you made. With your back to him, you couldn’t see his reaction but you imagined it was bad as you could only imagine what he must think of you. Ashamed and embarrassed you had enough and could only think of escaping.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t do this because I’m a fan. I did it for the sake of art, for the sake of finding out his true self… I’m sorry. I will delete it all. I apologise. Please excuse me. ” You quickly explained as you felt a lump rising in your throat. Feeling the tears slowly surface, you bowed and ran out of the room, accidently bumping into Chanyeol as your tears quickly cascaded down your cheeks. Embarrassed and hurt, you ran though the halls till you reached outside. It wasn’t until you reached the bleachers that you stopped running and collapsed on the floor as your tears continued to fall. Shoulders shaking, your felt yourself struggling to breathe.

What have I done? Why did I think that I could help someone like Chanyeol without conseqeunces? He must hate me. Thinks I’m a creepy stalker. What a freak. What a disappointment.

Your mind was so loud, filled with negative thoughts, that you didn’t hear the footsteps behind you as they slowly walked up behind you until you felt arms slowly wrap around you. Shocked, you turned around to see only a mop of ashy grey hair, your body stilled as you realised just who was hugging you. Heart thrahing against your ribcage as Chanyeol continued to hug you in silence until you heard him mumble softly.

“…thank you….”

Your eyes widened as your tears slowly fell from your eyes, nose red and lip quivering. Grabbing his hands, you tried to tear his hands from your waist but he only held on tighter, gripping your hands in his as he secured you in his arms, softly repeating the same words over and over again.

“thank you, thank you for everything.”

“…I didn- I didn’t do anything” you replied after a while, tears finally stopped, however, your body shivering and convulsing from your silent sobs. Chanyeol continued to bury his head in your shoulder as he talked.

“You noticed me. You noticed me when I was all alone. You think I didn’t know you were there. You were the only one who noticed, who cared enough to listen, not to my words but to my silent pleas.” He spoke, softly and endearingly, something you always imagined as you captured him this past couple weeks.

Silently, you turned around in his arms and watched as his eyes looked up at you, with an emotion that had your heart jumping into your throat. He was looking at you with utter adoration  and love. Something you never imagined to see in his gorgeous eyes, especially when looking at you. Chanyeol had noticed you all along, watched as you captured his world perfectly. Chanyeol was watching you as you watched him.

“It wasn’t until I saw the photos did I realise that everytime I felt your camera on me, did I wished to be seen not through the lens but through your eyes. Your eyes that embody wonder and joy. Such beautiful eyes that I wished were always staring back into mine with the same amount of love and excitement as mine. ”

Chanyeol grabs your hands as you slowly caresses your hands. Shocked, you slowly gasp in shallow breathes as Chanyeol continues to confess.

“I love you. I love you and I don’t even know you. But I feel like I have known you my whole life because neither one of us can deny the connection we feel for each other. The connection that bares our true selves to each other. I love you and I want to be with you so everyday I can look into your eyes and see what true love really looks like.”

Smiling, you watch as he slowly leans in closely ], eyes fluttering as your feel Chanyeols warm lips surround yours. Tingles erupt from your skin as you feel his hands caress you back and forth. Your heads so light, you feel as if you could fly. Slowly, you retreat back and watch as he slightly smirks and wraps you up in another hug and willing you embrace him as he picks you off the ground and brings you into his arms.

“I love you Park Chanyeol, not just the you through the lens but the you who means the world to me.  The only person in the world who I see is you, Chanyeol. I love you."’


Hope you guys liked it. If you want more, I do take requests. I promise to try and answer them as best I can. Support EXO and Love Me Right, let’s see if we continue to prove that EXO is the best. Haha. ^.^

my squad as Barcelona squad

I told you already, everybody in my squad is somebody from the barcelona squad

- neymarafinha​ would be Neymar bc she always confused on who she likes most so she out there somewhere liking a lot of people
- neyali​ would be Rafinha bc to be honest, the pretiest of them al (and ey facial expression going hard) 
- zlatanstrophywife​ would be Pique bc she is always calming my ass down 
- casixavi​ would be Iniest bc like I said: Sweet, smart and always on point 
- xavi-el-maestro​ would be Jordi Alba bc chipmunk all the way 
- neymxr​ would be Dani Alves bc she out there having way more swagg than us all together 
- barcanjr​ would be Pedro because I kinda imagine him like that person that throws super interesting facts at you (look how James looks like Michael Jackson)
- neymahrjr​ would be Bartra because literally the most precious person ever, Eline do you have a dog named Nina 
- barca-mylife would be Suarez because she literally cares more about your feelings and her jokes are funny af 

And I would be Messi ofcourse, star of the squad, no jokes I am Masche bc always 102% done with everybody 

theres a baby chipmunk loose in my house and me n my brother almost had it trapped to put it outside but my dad came over and made a bunch of noise and tried grabbing it but it ran off and now its lost. lol

i just saw an ad for the alvin and the chipmunks tv series and i dont hnderstand what thw fuck theyre saying

omG i’ve been away from home for two weeks and i’ve just come back and learned my brother is obsessed with the alvin and chipmunk version of let it go from frozen………………………………………………………………………… i just… i don’t need this 

anonymous asked:

mulls i just found out that i have to get all 4 wisdom teeth out and i'm freaking out. they have to put me under for the surgery (i've never gone through surgery or been put under anesthesia before) and i don't want to be super loopy/crazy from the drugs when i wake up. also apparently your cheeks are supposed to swell up a lot (like chipmunks, my doctor said) and i'm really scared about that and i don't want anyone seeing me like that. any tips for how to calm down about this?

4 sure !! my brother is actually getting his out tomorrow but like u will probably be a lil loopy but not 2 bad! just follow the instructions they give u + i promise even if ur cheeks are a lil puffy u will be crashed at home for a day or two anyways instead of out n about so no stress yes :D

ok when i saw gerard the mic made his voice sound really high so whenever he talked he sounded like a chipmunk and it’s my fave thing i have ever experienced

Is it too… distasteful?? to put a taxidermied mouse or chipmunk on my graduation cap? I mean iiiii think it would be awesome and pay homage to my museum career but i dont want backlash from people around me