Around the dinner table we were talking about how lame this year’s #laysdousaflavour chips had been this year. So lame that I didn’t even finish posting my take on all the chips! The Wavy Jalapeño Mac n’ Cheese was hands down the best of this sad-sack collection. But as a flavour, it had no macaroni to speak of, tasted mostly like a weaker version of their au gratin, and had such a mild sorta spiciness that it didn’t even deserve to be labeled ‘jalapeño’. And what was with only this flavour being wavy? Weird. It didn’t enhance the already off-the-mark mac n’ cheese experience, unlike the way the tzatziki ones being kettle cooked did. One pleasant surprise was the distant runner up, Cinnamon Bun, which really tasted like its namesake! But it had a weird bitter aftertaste, so even that flavour was ultimately a letdown. For those keeping score, I liked the aforementioned Kettle Cooked Tzatziki the third-most, and the questionable and incorrectly-named Bacon Poutine lagged way behind last place. Anyway, #laysdousaflavour 2014 was a flat-out disappointment. I can’t stress this enough. Lay’s better get its’ #laysdousaflavour game back in form next year, or pffft! Maybe I’ll submit a flavour myself. Couldn’t do any worse than this lot! #latergram #chipme #chipmebutjustnotthesechips #flavourdecision2014not