-Firebending. The flame that heats the kettle.- 

Back in 2013, my best friend, Fire-Strike, and I attended a martial arts workshop run by Sifu Kisu (the creator of bending). In the workshop, we learned Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, the martial arts style that Firebending is based on. That day was one I will never forget and truly solidified how dearly I hold Avatar and The Legend of Korra in my heart. In honor of Korra, her strength, and my bending loving best friend, I wanted to do a series of animations for you all. <3 


I’m really excited about this news - my crazy talented, American, Taiwan-based friend Christine Welch, also known as 克麗絲叮, has brought out an album and written a book of her Chinese song lyrics and poems, with English translations, and accompanied by my illustrations! They’re on the Taiwanese bookstore Eslite site or available as pdf :D

And here’s a tiny video of her at the printer’s, with some of my images showing *m* (!!). She’s often asked about her reasons for being in Taiwan and writing/singing in Chinese, so she made this short, lovely video in response. It’s in a variety of languages, so even if you don’t speak or read Chinese, you’ll probably get the gist (and it sounds so great!).

Website: http://christinewelch2007.wix.com/kelisiding


Also there’s this article about her as recommended artist on Asian Pop Weekly!

My Chinese Name


Its official my new Chinese name is Songjun Xiang!

It’s wasn’t easy. Try changing your name to something meaning full, sounds poetic in a foreign language, matches your personality and is grammatically correct.

Translated partially from my surname Songer which sounds like 俊 song 俊 meaning handsome men like u and 翔 meaning like an eagle flying in the sky.

It’s a good fit and sounds about…

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