An impossible, inconceivable event that will never occur is taking place at Vector Gallery on September 11, 2021 at 8PM. The 1960s, a decade that spanned over half a century, will formally end and PostHumanity will Post-Itself. Take the hypnotic suggestion and see the Night for what it will become. 


***Everything about this nevent will remain TOP SECRET until the night of its unfolding***



Miss Elsie Sigel (1889-1909), was the victim of a notorious murder at the age of 19 in New York City in 1909.

Sigel, who had been a missionary in Chinatown, was found strangled inside a trunk on 18 June 1909 in the apartment of the prime suspect, a Chinese man named “William” Leon Ling, a waiter in a Chinese restaurant. Sigel had been missing since the 9th of June, when she was last seen leaving her parents’ apartment to visit her grandmother.

Sigel’s mother taught a Chinese Sunday school class in St. Andrew’s Church at 127th Street and Fifth Avenue, while Sigel did missionary work at the Chinatown Rescue Settlement and Recreation Room, reaching out to “American, English, German, French, Hebrew, Italian, [and] Bohemian” girls who had gotten involved with drugs and prostitution. Four years prior to the murder, Leon had kept a chop suey restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue, close to the Sigel home, and Sigel and her mother had first met Leon there during missionary rounds of the local Chinese restaurants. During the murder investigation, 35 love letters signed by Sigel were found in Leon’s apartment, along with numerous letters from other women. It was speculated that the motive for murder might have been jealousy, as Chu Gain, manager of the Port Arthur Restaurant on Mott Street, was also found to be in possession of recent love letters from Sigel. Chu reported that he had recently received an anonymous letter threatening Sigel’s life if they did not cut off their relationship. Leon was never apprehended, and the murder remains unsolved.

Sigel’s murder gained widespread notoriety due to the inter-racial aspects of the relationship as well as the fame of her grandfather, Franz Sigel, who was a U.S. Civil War general. The murder set off a wave of anti-Chinese hysteria, as well as suggestions that the murder was Sigel’s own fault.

A Chinatown Ghost Story...

Ok, so I wanna discuss this episode with you guys. As you may know, it’s the 23rd episode of season 2 and will be premiering on September 12th. So far we’ve gotten 2 descriptions for this episode.

I always use a site called Zap2it.com to keep up-to-date with upcoming episodes. A few weeks ago, it had this description for “A Chinatown Ghost Story”:

When Karai, now in her mutant form, starts to scare the citizens of New York City, Leo must help her remember who she is, only to find out a huge secret about Karai.

You wouldn’t believe how excited I was after reading that! After Vengeance Is Mine I started hoping and praying that Nick wouldn’t just forget about Karai for the rest of Season 2. I REALLY needed her somewhere in those last four episodes, and it was looking like I’d gotten my wish, but a few weeks later, I checked the description again, and it had changed to this:

Donnie becomes increasingly jealous of April and Casey’s relationship; April is kidnapped by an evil spirit who intends to drain her powers.



Ok look, it’s not that I’m hating on the whole love triangle drama thing here, I’m actually a huge Apritello shipper, but SERIOUSLY, NICK? COME ON, MAN! How could you just forget about Karai after all that damn serious shit that happened with her in Vengeance Is Mine? I was SO looking forward to that Leorai ep. Not just because it’s Leorai, but because I love Karai and I needed to see her regain her humanity. We already know she’s not completely mindless, cuz she recognized Splinter and called him “Father”, so the creators were basically telling us there’s still hope for her.

And then there’s this “big secret” they were taking about. Maybe it’s just the fact that she can shape-shift back into her human form, or maybe the creators came up with a whole new secret even the VIEWERS don’t know about!! … But I guess now we’ll just NEVER KNOW.

So it’s starting to sound like I’m only looking on the negative side of things, so lets check out the positive now, shall we? Maybe Nick didn’t forget about Karai. Maybe they’re doing an episode like Wormquake, where half the episode is about Karai and the other half is about April, Donnie and Casey. I’ll be SO HAPPY if they’re doing that. The only problem with that theory is that the new description is solely about April, Donnie and Casey. It doesn’t mention Karai AT ALL. But it could still be possible that they’re dividing the episode. 

And even if they don’t, I’m sure to enjoy the April/Casey/Donnie episode, the whole power-draining-evil-spirit thing sounds cool, plus as I said before, I’m a huge Apritello shipper.

But I’m also a huge Leorai shipper. I’m sorry but I just won’t be satisfied unless they divide the episode. I need Karai to appear. We already know she’s not gonna appear in the other three episodes.

In episode 24, they’re going into Dimension X, so I don’t see where Karai could fit in there.

And episodes 25 & 26 is the season finale. With the Kraang invasion and how they’re re-doing Mirage #10, there’s no way they’ll have time for Karai, plus in Season 3, they’re leaving the city. So all we have left is this episode, “A Chinatown Ghost Story”

So let’s hope Nick doesn’t blow it and just leave her out of the episode completely.

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