Beautify Wuhan Series #1 -

I’ve been noticing these electrical boxes (I’m assuming that’s what they are) around Wuhan that are now painted over with some very nice artwork. Apparently, it’s a program aimed at joining the efforts of illegal graffiti artists with the local government to make the drab electrical boxes around town nice looking. I’m guessing this is part of the overall “Civilized City, Better Life” campaign of Wuhan. I definitely like it.


The Mayhem of Beckham in Wuhan-

Some friends and I found out David Beckham was coming to Wuhan today, and only 20 minutes away from our school. Why not try to see him? After a long walk and hopping bridge guard rail, we met with a throng of Chinese (mostly) girls who told us to follow them to David Beckham. I’ve never felt more like I was ‘one of the people’ before. The pictures above are of the ensuing chaos. We were the only foreigners there, so it felt like an even cooler event. I took lots of pictures of Beckham, and I’m sure that’s why most people will look at this post, but the only one worth looking at is from the last post and the one in the above photo-set.