In Their Hands: In Support of Steven Wise is a very meaningful post I wrote yesterday in support of the legal work of Steven Wise on behalf of captive chimpanzees in NY. I would be very grateful if you might click through and take a look. If you are at all moved by the photos, please help circulate. Much obliged.

"It is through their hands that I try to know them–their emotion, power, strength, intelligence, desire, anger, curiosity and humour. It all flows from those muscular hands; life lines traversing palms, agile fingers with knuckles creased and cracked, dried cuticles edging smooth nails. So full of power and emotion; they reach, hold, throw and touch. Smooth and dark, with movements that are fine-tuned and precise. With those wonderful hands, they ask. They give. They receive. Sometimes gentle, sometimes urgent–always expressive. It is not that their hands are so much like mine that captivates me, it is that mine are so much like theirs."


When this little chimp was abandoned by his mother his future looked grim. But thanks to the unlikely intervention of a huge bull mastiff and her adorable litter of four puppies, his life was soon a lot happier. The chimpanzee was born at a Russian zoo and was taken home by one of the staff after it became clear he had not bonded with his mother. By chance, her 100lb bull mastiff had just given birth and the dog was soon treating the new addition as one of the family.

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This is my friend Yoko who is very much on my mind today. He is very, very ill. He is one of the courageous chimps living at Fauna and I have had the great privilege of trying to document this last chapter in his remarkable life. Please share this post and send some positive energy his way as he deals with the multitude of problems his body is struggling with after years of hardcoire research use. No soul should have to endure what Little Man has survivied. You need to read his story.

He is now surrounded by loving friends at Fauna-human and chimpanzee-who are taking very good care of him. His extraordinary will to live is a testament to his strength and courage. Thank-you Yoko for allowing me to see you and for poking me-reminding me that although you are very weak indeed, you are still very capable of sharing your feelings. Peace awaits you. xo

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