This original Sailor Venus/Minako Aino-inspired track samples songs and sounds from the original Sailor Moon anime of the 90’s (in both Japanese and English), transforming the familiar into a new and unique nostalgic symphony that pays tribute to the Solider of Love.

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Beach Dreams
  • Beach Dreams
  • Teen Daze
  • Beach Dreams

“All these thoughts spent on you
They’re the only things that are getting me through
All the heartache and the pain
But I know that summer will come again someday”

w.aaves // retro space jams v.20 [listen]

(1. マクロスmacross 82 99 - 水temples (2. especia - 海辺のサティ (greeen linez remix) (3. fka twigs - how’s that (4. sza - castles (5. banks - warm water (snakehips remix) (6. snakehips - on & on (7. yung bae - fly with me (8. bl00dwave - dreams (9. bbrainz - オメガ【tell me how it feels】(10. architecture in tokyo - forever (11. spazzkid - kokeshi doll (mus.hiba remix ft. sekka yufu) (12. bbrainz - home design (ft. CASTING) (13. spazzkid - candy flavored lips (bo en イパネマremix) (14. 유카리 - just friends (15. dream koala - we can’t be friends (16. ИΔΤVИ◇なつの - EVLYИ (17. マクロスmacross 82 99 - 水野 亜美amy (18. daze - thinking about you (19. 猫 シ corp. - driving  you  to  the  station (20. l☼wfr▲id - summer 1989 (21. saint pepsi - cherry pepsi