3 Playlists To Help Maintain Your Focused While Writing

You’ve received your first writing assignment of the new school year. You’re there physically but mentally you’re not. Your focus is wandering tha hallways of your mind, looking for any excuse to not do complete the task in front of you. 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We understand how difficult it is to get back into school-mode after spending three months in pure summer bliss. 

Here are 3 playlists we play to get our mind back on track because that paper isn’t going to write itself! 

If you’re into some chill electronic…

Time to get things done! from SleepyT on 8tracks Radio.

Maybe you’d like some indie/alternative bands…

Lost In My Bedroom Again from ohzoebenson on 8tracks Radio.

Or you’re just looking for beautiful instrumentals…

Quiet Minds from fireflydreams on 8tracks Radio.