Aaaaalright, yesterday I was kinda tired and low, so I just poked around my writing project and squeezed out some 300 new words for the setting.

But today,- well you know that things are going to be different, when instead of epic space soundtracks, your playlist murmurs sexy chill out music into your ear and your face is frozen into some -oh dear- this is ludicrous- what am I doing-grin.

I am still tip-toeing around the real action, but damn this is hard for me.612 new words and I could go on, but it’s 23:20 here and my alarm-clock is known to be merciless.I hope, all you fellow challengers are having a good time with your projects!

Swim Deep are back with more infectious indie pop tunes. This British Band initially took the stage around a year ago but appear to have taken some time out to produce more music, this track is still as indie-pop as ever but there is a strong 80’s dreamy aspect to it which allows us to appreciate the beauty of the sounds and instruments as well as the lead singers soothing vocals. This is definitely a track which needs to be in your ‘chill out’ playlist. - Aliyah


~ Deep Sea ~

androidghost asked:

share five of you favorite ambient/chill out musicians or performers. and 5 artist whose works you could get lost in.

Oooo this is a good one.
Favorite Ambient/Chill out musicians (in no particular order):

1.) Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance)
2.) Explosions In The Sky
3.) The Album Leaf
4.) Sigur Ros
5.) Zero7

As for artists I can get lost in (I’m assuming you mean visual artists):

1.) John Singer Sargent

2.) John Everett Millais (I love me some PreRaphelites)

3.) Alphonse Mucha (not to sound like a hipster, but I liked him before it was cool)

4.) René Magritte

5.) Charles Vess

There are more but you only asked for 5.

hey, thanks for that summer.

he was what i always dreamed it would be like to fall in love with a person. however, that summer wasn’t real life and it wasn’t enough time to fall in love with someone. everything about it was off except for our feelings towards each other. after a month we had to pack up and leave. at first we tried to make it work but then the weeks grew longer and plans to see each other more unstable. then we realised it wouldn’t last in the real world. we agreed to be friends. this happened a few years ago. it’s strange how much you remember about such a short period of time.

the best thing about him was that he made me believe in love, that its out there and that it can happen. and it wasn’t the fairytale kind of love. it was the kind of love that isn’t something instant, nor is it constant, and unconditional. a love that two people have to work for.

i really mean it when i say thank you. thank you for teaching me so much about life and about myself, v.

you taught me that people are meant to come in and out of our lives. some stay longer than we’d like and others don’t stay long enough. whether we realise it or not their exits undoubtedly change who we are for good. upon their departures we’re to make sense of all that is left behind and if you’re anything like me it isn’t easy. this next playlist is about that.

left with cold sheets from erobreren on 8tracks Radio.