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Divergent Thinking

Designing with a child’s mind is useful. As I practically heard, you gasp; it is true. Sir Ken Robinson explains in a discussion, a longitude study was conducted, which means the research group was tested at ages 4-6, then the same children again at 8-10, and lastly, at age 13-15. Divergent thinking is seeing multiple answers to a problem; sounds simple enough. As the research was conducted, they scaled the level of genius of the children based on a scale of how many uses there are for a paper clip. As you would think, average people would come up with 10-15 uses as a genius may come up with over 200 uses.  As untamed imagination ran 98% of the children at age 4-6 years old rated at genius. As years passed, the genius rating dropped to approximately 50% and a final drop in the last years testing. See, the kids were not worried about the material or size of the paper clip; they were able to break free from worldly taught ideas. This is a demand for genius design and engineering. We cannot focus on a problem using yesteryear’s thoughts and ideals to truly have innovation. A great design is not throwing different colors and materials together within a budget without solving any new problems. Great design is to serve as functional as appealing to the user. Think like a child when solving issues, design like a child to find innovation. 

My Baby Bear doing some yoga before school. He made up this routine he’s been doing for years where he bends his body into all the letters, and he recently started calling it alphabet yoga. So cute! He calls this Namaskara J. Namaste! #yoga #kids #autism #indigochildren #insight #love #childsmind