A New Kind of I-Spy

As a kid, I loved to play the game of I-Spy. Looking back, I realize my mother was thankful for how it kept me from arguing with my sister on long car rides. Maybe this game is typically considered a children’s past time, but we at Bison Built use it as a research and teaching tool on a constant basis. 

Not exactly the game we use…

Whether you are a first time DIY-er or an experienced builder, it is important to think of every piece of your project. Like in the game of I-Spy, it is easier to see the obvious items first. But the harder, smaller items take more skill to see. It is the same with brackets and supports. While it is easy to think of parts such as the color of wood or shape of the design, it is just as important to consider the essential elements that will hold together the other parts.

The darker colored connector plate makes this bracket more noticeable.

Does your design include a hanging beam? Be sure to take the time to select the correct beam hanger brackets to ensure a properly held ceiling. Installing a beautiful pergola for your back deck? Research the correct mounting brackets you will need for your project.

Indoor cross ties add a rustic look to any home

Keep your eyes open now and look for the supports used everyday that you may not have noticed. Look for that connector plate keeping the lumber secure in a new home’s trusses. Notice the Heavy Duty Wall Angle Brackets keeping that back deck safe for summer parties. See the supports on during your mountain retreat to your favorite cabin. You will be surprised about how much you will “spy!”

Can you see it now?

Getting a closer look you can see the connector in this pergola, found at Furman University in South Carolina.

How about now? Found on the side of the pergola, supporting the shaded area for students.

Can you see the brackets in this wedding venue?

When you look back at your finished product, you want to be confident in its use. We recommend visiting to see our vast variety of brackets you can depend on for your project. We offer custom products because we believe, like the bison, you should be free to let your creativity roam.

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