12 Surprisingly Dark Episodes From Funny TV Shows

When it comes to television, I have two different moods: I either want to watch a light comedy that will make me laugh until my stomach hurts, or I want to watch a drama that will make me sob into my bowl of Ben & Jerry’s.

There are many different genres out there, but those are the two most popular ones. There are lots of shows that seamlessly mend comedy and drama, and then there are shows that are always funny and silly. When it comes to those shows, it’s always surprising and jarring when there is an episode that deals with some really sad issues. It’s kind of like, “Whoa, what am I watching and where did these feelings come from?”

Everybody Starts Somewhere

Today, me and my mom celebrated my 25th birthday. This incredible book was my present. 

I want to share this very special gift with all of you, and standing on its own without any other comment except for this: If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, start working on it today. Everybody starts somewhere.


i never understood the reason why women are not equal with men, when i was told that when i was a kid, i was so confused and angry and honestly, bc the world hasn’t changed that much, i’m still confused and angry

аноним спросил(а):

what things did you really like as a kid while you were growing up? thanks!

i was enchanted by the twisted, the chaotic, & the bizarre… i liked houses overrun with moss and decay, hair like beehives littered with broken fairy wings.  and i also had all of these strange unexplainable desires and attachments to oddities.  i would collect these vintage books of complex paper dolls and spend hours cutting out every little edge of bow and ribbon but never playing with them.  and i would gaze at this victorian dollhouse my mother had when i was little, fascinated with the assortment of miniature china teapots and mixing spoons and velveteen bears and fire pokers and other intricately designed pieces that came with the small, wallpapered rooms.  and before we lost all of our money, we had an atari, and there was something so desirable to me about the pixelated art, the 8 bit music, the gathering of potions and items, leveling up, your needs based upon meters, the monsters disappearing in a poof of glitter, smoke, and coins.  but we sold that and my dollhouse and my birds and most of our upper class life when i turned nine… but i would play video games when i could at a friend’s house… and it’s strange, some games i enjoyed customizing a detailed, personalized character more than playing the game, and others i was pleasurably lost in the fantasy worlds and the complex story lines.  i mostly just obsessively read books way over my grade level when we didn’t have money.  i developed terrific peripheral vision so i could read as i walked between classes or to the lunchroom.  other than that, i mostly ran in the woods, took naps on rocks, built little cities out of nature items, and searched for fae and ghosts (pretty sure i saw a faerie once!).  or i would cut the hair short on my barbies and put them in naked, compromising situations for my other action figures to save, because i got some perverse pleasure out of that which i didn’t understand at the time.  mostly though, more than anything, i longed to be part of a cult, coven, gang, club, or a tribe… and i think that stems from my desire of wanting to belong, but i think i was also attracted to the magic and adventure… and i still dream about this nightly and wake up only half remembering.  and like every other kid in the 90′s, i really wanted to be an orphan or to run away from home, like all of our favorite storybook characters.

this is probably not what you were asking for, but i enjoyed this, thank you :)

Butterfree by RedScarfGuy01

Yay Butterfree, today is all about pokemon that destoyed hearts during childhood~

Be sincere, Reblog if you got sad whith Butterfree´s farewell