I remember the when I first saw this episode of Family Guy as a kid. 

In it, Mayor West sends the whole police force to some fictional island to find some fictional character, and when a reporter is asking a white guy how he’s been affected by the absence of police he says something like “We’re free!” and unzips his disguise, as does the rest of the black people who were hiding in white people costumes.

I had no idea what that meant when I was a kid.  I honestly assumed that these people were hiding because they liked to be naked and the cops wouldn’t let them. 

Now I’m not as ignorant and realize that it was obviously a “joke” about how the police mistreat and brutalize black people.

Things aren’t always as fun after you’ve grown up.

О дыхании осени

Грубыми грязными мазками нарисованный скучающим ребенком пейзаж - это осень. Когда серые облака мешками свисают с неба, переполненные осадками, а листья от холода жмутся друг к другу, сворачиваются и умирают, падая на тротуары. Облака закрывают природу от солнца, прячут его лучи - делая деревья бледными и такими же серыми, впитывая их краски, размазывая их в грязные пятна на сером холсте неба. На дороги выпал декабрь и сразу же снова стал октябрем - мокрые листья спрятали под собой лужи-ловушки, а холодный ветер так и норовит сорвать занавески, залетая через открытое окно. Это дыхание осени - холодное, спокойное и убивающее. Никто его не выдерживает: склоняют свою ветки деревья, отдают осени свои листья, кто может сбежать уже сбежали или улетели. И только мы остаемся с осенью наедине, чувствуя ее холодное влажное дыхание на своих замерзающих руках. Я каждый раз останавливаюсь около кота, живущего неподалеку от дома, глажу его дрожащей от холода рукой, приношу ему что-то. Потому что он такого же окраса, как и осень, как смешанные листья под ногами; потому что я верю, что он - осень. А с осенью нужно быть добрым.

Recommendation: The Lionboy series by Zizou Corder

I would like to recommend the “Lionboy series” by Zizou Corder. It’s a trilogy of kids/young adult fantasy-adventure books set in the future where the protagonist is a half-Ghanaian half-white boy (his name is Charlie Ashanti) who can talks to felines.

The first book is: Lionboy
Second: Lionboy: The Chase
Third: Lionboy: The Truth

They’re really good really fun books that I would really recommend. (In fact, as far as I can tell, they were jointly written by a white woman and her half-white, half-black daughter.)

Both sides of his heritage (Ghanian and white English) are recognised equally and perhaps, his Ghanian family is talked about more (though probably because some of one of the books is set in Africa, mainly Morocco).

Reading them the first time, I didn’t notice this bit so much, and some others, but I’m going quote some of them now, it’s so awesome:

Maccomo…turned back to Charlie.
"Where are you from?" he said.
"London," said Charlie.
"No," said Maccomo. "London people are white."
Charlie had heard this said before, and knew that only an ignorant person could say it. Maybe Maccomo just didn’t know about London.
"London people are all colours," said Charlie. "People have always come to London from everywhere, so now we are all colours."
"Where is your brown skin from?" said Maccomo.
"My brown skin is from London like the rest of me," said Charlie, trying not to get annoyed.

And also this bit:

Their hands were squabbling over the board [of Scrabble]: hers pale and strong [his mothers’], his big and black and silky-skinned [his fathers’]. Charlie was putting his hand out…as he had so often in life, to see his brownness next to them.

It’s such a great series. It also included a talking chameleon (who can speak computer), a cat named after Rachminoff and an evil corporation that can control governments. Also, the king of Bulgaria!

Here it is on Goodreads (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/579563.Lionboy?from_search=true) and here it is on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lionboy).

I would really recommend it, and especially as Christmas is coming up, maybe a present?