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put colour into the world and light up the sky when the clouds part. be the life-giver, the rain bringer, who bridges the gap between sea and sky. hold all to their oaths: as you keep the promise of light after darkness, colour after grey, so must they keep their promises. fleet-footed messenger, fly, and with you carry the storm.

childofdrought said:

Hey Patho I meant to tell you this earlier but before I went under anesthesia recently I remember contemplating all the nurses around me and thinking about you being a nurse and all and this stuck with me when I woke up because I kept asking the nurses how THEY where and how their day was going because PATHO IS A NURSE and some of them started quietly laughing because of it and I just thought you should know /flees

I hope you don’t mind me posting this to my blog (and if you do mind let me know and I’ll set it to private right away!), but this is one of those messages that I want to keep tucked away in my pocket so I can take it out whenever I feel down because it is the cuTEST THING OH MY GOD

You are adorable, and this story is adorable, and I bet you any amount of money that you were totally their favorite patient of the day, because it’s just the nicest thing when we work with folks who are adorable and friendly and considerate. ♥


A woman chops wood to sell for food on a hillside already affected by soil erosion, in the village of Chipumi, Malawi. The area is suffering from growing deforestation as people chop down trees for fuel and to make room for agriculture. Because of droughts and flooding, many Malawians were unable to buy seeds to grow their own food crops.

© UNICEF/NYHQ2002-0260/Ami Vitale


The Right to Life

The Right to Life

Every man has the right to life – Pope John  XXXIII

Life by Mike Bitzenhofer

In 1988, in the province of Quebec, Canada, Jean-Guy Tremblay and Chantal Daigle, two ordinary people would meet in an ordinary way and begin a torrid, violent love affair that would end in the extraordinary. Jean-Guy and Chantal would fall head over heels but their emotions were led by lust and a sexual tension was…

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Somali children play in a child-friendly space in the Kobe refugee camp in the Dollo Ado area of Ethiopia’s Somali Region. The UNICEF-supported space is run by the international NGO Save the Children US. Some 27,000 Somali refugees currently shelter in the camp.

In June 2012 in Ethiopia, refugees from conflict and drought in Somalia continue to arrive at camps in the south-eastern Dollo Ado area of Somali Region. While Ethiopians also continue to suffer the effects of the worst drought to hit the Horn of Africa in 60 years – which hit hardest in July and August, 2011 – Somalia remains the worst affected. By early July of this year, the number of Somali refugees in the five major camps and a transit centre settlement in Dollo Ado had grown to 160,000; more than two thirds are children; one quarter are under five years of age. Child mortality and malnutrition rates have improved significantly in the camps since the height of the crisis, but are expected to worsen due to decreased crop and livestock production: the result of below-average rains from February through May. UNICEF has joined with the Ethiopian Administration for Refugees and Returnee Affairs (ARRA) and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) – as well as with other UN, NGO and community partners – to help provide essential services in the areas of health, nutrition, education, water and sanitation and child protection. This includes support for feeding programmes, immunizations, safe water and hygiene practices, early childhood development, school supplies, family tracing, and support for unaccompanied children.

© UNICEF/NYHQ2012-0597/Jiro Ose


fluffyglitch replied to your photo: “New iPhone case hella”

that’s hELLA

it’s so coooool I love it so much

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ACE RING!!! What’s yours made of?

It’s just a simple plastic ring with a flower design uwu It was surprisingly hard to find a plain black ring for some reason?? So in the end I just caved in and bought this one.