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Adorable child is furious at his mother for getting pregnant

anonymous said:

I've taken various tests and the results are always overwhelmingly INTJ, but I often wonder what other INTJs felt as children (I'm a 20yr old female), because it all seems quite un-INTJ like. I was very shy, a huge tomboy, bullied a bit in school (but everyone generally had very high opinions of me, especially adults), and I was pretty unafraid to express emotions (aside from anger, I've never really gotten angry). So I've been curious as to what other's experiences were like. Thanks.

Since your personality is only developing while you’re a child, the different feelings / phases other INTJs may have gone through can seem quite random and very different. 

"Almost all kids will go through an ESFP phase." [source]

This might explain you not being afraid to express emotions… Since you talked about being curious what experiences other INTJs had when they were young, I’ll pass this question on to you guys out there: Anything you’d like to share about your childhood? Leave a comment!

And since I’m an INTJ as well, I’ll tell you a little something about my childhood: I was shy as well. It always took me quite some time to open up and talk to people (even if they were family like cousins or something). And I was very cautious. I’ve never had any big troubles in school and I was this kid in the classroom who always had everything prepared. I had one single B in elementary school which is why I didn’t get a book for my graduation and I was pretty pissed about that.

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It’s not in english, but the message is still strong

"I absolutely reject any accusations that I am in any way exaggerating the intense cold of the frozen foods aisle in ASDA." said Fiona, slathering on a thick layer of whale blubber before donning four sets of oilskins and furs. "I’m just going for a Sara Lee and I may be some time."