The facial expression you can see here is called ‘being ashamed of myself because I have eaten chicken and avocado salad* from the chicken shop for dinner two nights in a row’. 

*They call it a salad but as far as I can tell it is just chicken, avocado and mayonnaise. Maybe some spring onion or something? It’s fucking delicious.


First time using the slow cooker woo! Tried making chicken adobo because i saw a picture on tumblr and it looked delicious with this thick black looking sauce… and mine just turned out a little… soupy. LOl i found out that shit doesn’t reduce in a slow cooker and i think i put a little too much liquids. Well it tasted alright HAHA sigh… somebody tell me if this looks right. T^T

Meeaaaaatttt ~

I have now NOT eaten red meat for 6 months woooo ~

Now it’s on to poultry! I won’t be eating that either … I iz on my way to becoming a vegemetarian ~

I don’t even miss red meat o.o

*sips tea* I don’t even miss coffee either … okay maybe a little … ‘cause it smells good … especially the one my Momma makes.