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Athens County Dog Shelter
Chauncey, OH

Buttercup was found in Hollister.  We think she may be a Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix).  She is thought to be around 3 months old and is a real cuddler.

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anonymous asked:

Dear Zoetica, I've followed your work a long time, and've always liked the way you see the world, and how you live in it. So I'd like to ask you about Micron. I'm searching for a dog, and I wondered whether you could tell me what you like (and don't!) about Chihuahuas. I spend a lot of time doing art by myself or running around making art with other people, so I want a companionable canine who would be with me often. Micron's obviously a great fit for you - would you talk about that? Thank you!

I’m sick in bed, Micron curled up at my side, and this question is making me giddy despite sniffles and fatigue, so thank you!

One important thing to remember is that Micron is not a pure-bred chihuahua - a factor which I suspect has a lot to do with her pleasant temperament and overall robustness that’s atypical for purebreeds. I’d also like to note that I don’t take her everywhere I go - she doesn’t like crowds and noise all that much (understandable for a weenie of her tiny stature), so art openings and restaurants definitely are not her thing. She’s usually fine inside her carrier, though. She feels safe there, so visiting friends, public transit, etc. are all fine.

She loves parks and long walks and curling up in my lap or in front of a window, where she can approve (or occasionally disapprove with a low growl) all the happenings of our street. In general, this dog loves high, soft perches – like the backs of couches, provided a blanket or another soft implement, like a sweater, is available. Big windows are great for keeping her entertained for long stretches of time while I’m drawing, and she’s snoozing half of that time, anyway. She’s quite zesty when it’s play-time, though!

Honestly, I love everything about Micron - she’s the perfect fit for me, because she isn’t easily bored while I’m working and is content to just hang in the same space as me. She’s portable when need be, easy to hide from landlords/hotel managers/etc., doesn’t eat too much, is easy to wash, even though she loathes the ordeal (but the happy, seemingly infinite sprints after are worth it), and is friendly enough with other dogs and people, give a few minutes of introduction.

Her peeves are bicycles (she barks and lunges at them), aggressive people, especially children who run at her (she’ll nip them without a second thought, who wouldn’t?), joggers, people with bad intentions, and people who walk too fast – this is similar to bicycles: if the Big Moving Thing doesn’t show her due respect, or appears like it doesn’t see her/could step on her, she barks and lunges and makes damn sure she’s seen. These are the only times she barks.

She doesn’t chew shoes or cables (some bitter no-chew spray on potentially-chewable items when you first adopt does wonders), or engage in any neurotic behavior aside from occasional paw-gnawing, but it’s worth noting that my family always kept dogs, so I have experience, decent intuition and a knack for dealing with them. When I adopted Micron at 10 months, she was incredibly closed off, aggressive and afraid of absolutely everything. A single year later, you wouldn’t believe she was the same dog, she’d softened up so much! Giving her guidelines, structure, and lots of love made for the kind of stability she needed to grow into a very well-behaved lady. Aaand, that about wraps my accidental ode to Micron.

TLDR: I think a chihuahua mix is a a good choice for you. Read some stuff by actual dog experts (I recommend The Art of Raising a Puppy), set rules, and be a responsible dog parent. I wish you the best of luck!


| Female | 2 yr. | Chihuahua Mix | Overland Park, KS |
This little lady weighs in at 9 pounds and she is done growing. You may need to watch her weight closely. Small dogs becoming overweight is a big problem. In fact, any type of dog or pet or living creature becoming overweight causes problems with health. Humans can control themselves but animals can not in the same sense so we must be responsible for watching their weight and taking care of them. Sandy is such a nice dog. She gets along with other dogs extremely well and humans too. All around this is a loving dog who just wants someone to kepe her company and cuddle with. Her adoption fee is $200 and includes her being spayed, vaccinated, rabies vaccine, deworming and heartworm tested.

Remember, you don’t get pets when you’re bored and then bring them back to animal prison because your life is tough, your boyfriend left you, you lost your job, you’re pregnant and are too lazy to care for your pets and kid, or because you have to move and don’t want to spend a few extra seconds looking for pet friendly places. PETS ARE FOR LIFE.

Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
House broken: Yes
With cats: Not mentioned
With dogs: Great
With kids: Great

Rescue: New Beginnings Dog Rescue Inc.
How to adopt: Click on the link at the bottom

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