The Internet Has Gone Corgi Crazy

so here’s some weird Corgi mixes





Corgi/English Bulldog 

Corgi/German Shepherd

Corgi/Golden Retriever 


Corgi/Jack Russell 


Corgi/Toy Poodle


Corgi/Shiba Inu



I didn’t want to spread this onto tumblr, honestly, as I figured by now he would be home, but at this point, I want his face everywhere. My dog is missing, or possibly stolen/being held. I have put up posters, I have contacted shelters, all to absolutely no avail.

Please, if you live in the Houston, Texas/surrounding area (zip code 77095 in the Barker Cypress and 290 area), please keep an eye out for this dog. He got out on Friday, October 24th, 2014, and we’ve been doing everything in our power to find him. He is an all white chihuahua mix, with tear stains on the side of his face. His tail curls and he’s chubby right now. Unfortunately, he has NO collar on right now, as he had a bath not too long ago and we forget to put it on from time to time. His nose looks rose/pink in the sun and he has dark brown/black eyes. He loves people and will come up to you and responds to his name, Ace. I think the most prominent thing about him right now, though, is that hes undergoing flea treatment. Due to his flea allergy, he is literally missing patches of fur, but do not be alarmed by this.

We have a crate out for him with something that smells like us as a post on tumblr suggested, even. He has gotten out before due to the negligence of our lawn people but he never goes far and always came back, but this time he did not, which allows me to believe that someone is holding on to him, or even worse, which I prefer not to consider right now.

I want this dog home so bad. Like, of all of the awful things that have befallen me this month, at this point I have no qualms enduring all of them in full force so long as this dog gets home to me and my family safe and sound.

Please spread this around. I know tumblr has a wide spectra of people but I’m trying everything at this point. I know there are many people from Houston on here and there might be someone out there that could clue in to his whereabouts, or at least some closure as to what happened to him.

Please Please spread this around. I would be ever grateful for this. Thank you. I am trying so fucking hard to find him before Halloween as that is when animals are not treated so nicely.

These 19 Adorably Awkward Mixed Breed Dogs Will Make You Love Mutts Even More

For the cultivated dog aficionado, purebreds have long been the peak of canine sophistication. But recently, tides have changed, and even the pedigree-toutingWestminster Kennel Club’s 138th annual dog show opened an event to mixed-breed dogs.

Is it the year of the mutt? We think so. So see all 19 adorable mutt pups here.


((possibly loud))

this puppy cries whenever he stops being cuddled awww

Since everyone liked the Corgi-mix post, have some more unusual mixed breeds!

Cheagle: Chihuahua/Beagle 

Chiweenie: Chihuahua/Dachshund

Chusky: Chow/Husky

Fourche Terrier: West Highland Terrier/Yorkshire Terrier

Pitsky: Pit Bull/Husky

Pugapoo: Pug/Poodle

Puggle: Pug/Beagle

Schnoodle: Schnauzer/Poodle

Yorkipoo: Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle 


February 2, 2015 | Hey LA Tumblrs!

We came across this dog walking around downtown when a woman was giving puppies away on the street. Until we can find her a forever home, my boss is fostering her in Marina Del Rey.

Upon taking her to the vet for some shots we found out the following things:

- Chihuahua Terrier Mix
- Approximately 7 weeks old
- Will likely be 20lbs when full grown
- perfect health
- super sweet, mellow and sleeps through the night

She was very nervous and shaky when we took her into our office, but chilled out and was playing with us within an hour. We want to give her a stable forever home where someone will give her the awesome loving life she deserves.

gmail me at heyitsliezl if youre seriously interested! 


So I was taking pictures of this little puppy Achilles that our rescue has up for adoption last night

like isn’t he adorable

just super cute

little 6 pound baby

and then

I couldn’t help myself

dogs with eyes mid-blink just look so suspiciously adorable