relapse // aki/chie

A long while.. it almost felt like eternity had passed since she’d last seen the Emperor. She had attended school, went to her track meets and everything, but the main reason as to why she had transferred to Gekkoukan High was beyond her now. He had been somewhere else, and none of her calls or her texts were returned.

Bittersweet as ever, the Chariot had been cursed with impatience. She’d pace around at night, waiting to hear a creak of a wooden floorboard or something of the sort. But she was given nothing in return – just the reverberation of her own heartbeat, her own breathing, her own loneliness made manifest into dry air.

Another sleepless night and she eventually dragged herself downstairs from her dorm room, searching the vicinity. But there was nothing – until she heard the door creak. She stopped in her stead down the stairs and blankly, sleepily stared at the open door.

…Who would have returned so late at night, anyway? She’d lost hope by then of him returning, hadn’t said a word about it and it had even slipped her mind. But the possibility still had her on her toes, heart skipping a beat and amber eyes hopeful.

The Prom Night at Home || Chie and Akihiko

On the night of the prom, the boxer would have the dorm all to himself. He looked forward to this night, at least, he didn’t expect to have anything to do on it. For once, he could relax, while everyone else was out having fun at their prom. He wanted nothing to do with it, but because the leader wasn’t there, he couldn’t exactly go to Tartarus, and he wasn’t going to go alone. Though…he wasn’t really alone in the first place. Towel around his neck and shirtless, the male eye’d the girl in the lounge.

“Chie, I thought you were going home today..?”

skullcracking asked:



Chie Satonaka is probably Akihiko’s favorite person from the Investigation Team (save for Rise). They share lots of things in common and it allows them to connect without a lot of trouble. 

Akihiko believes in the girl profusely, knowing that she has the strength to be or do whatever she wants. He trusts her, as much as he did SEES, with his life.

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"I miss you, Chie. Hope you come back soon."

“Akihiko.. You..?” The brunette sounded confused and yet comforted all at once as she listened to the voice message left on her phone. Not once had she touched it during the track meet – she was too intent on winning and as much as she wasn’t satisfied with second place, it was something she had to deal with. 

She scrambled to call him then and waited patiently as the dial tone rung, biting at her lower lip in anticipation. She didn’t want to admit it, but maybe she missed him more than she originally thought.. Not that she was going to vocalize it right away. But it all depended if he was there, and if he was going to pick up, and what his current situation was.

Because she wanted to see him. Just wanted to be near him, to talk to him, to see him smile. She could feel her heart skip a beat at the mere thought as she waited patiently, trying to hide a smile of her own as she stared out the window.