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Two knocks, sharp against the glass of her office, perfunctory; the soft hiss of the pneumatic doorstop as Cullen pushes the door open.  Aeveth looks up from her conference call, pausing midway through a sentence.

“Gentlemen.”  She smiles neutrally at the webcam.  “I’m afraid we’ll have to leave it here.  Something urgent just came up.  I’ll have Josephine reschedule.”

Two clicks of the mouse; the groan of the chair as Aeveth leans back in it and rolls away from the desk.  “Can I help you, chief?”

“Aeveth.”  Cullen pulls his smartphone out of his pocket and sets it on the table with a crack.  “What the hell?  Did you put my phone on vibrate when I wasn’t looking?”

She keeps her face carefully composed.  “That might have been me.  I can neither confirm nor deny.”

“For God’s - really, and then you spent the entire meeting texting me a sentence one letter at a time?”  Cullen rakes a hand through his hair, exasperated.  Aeveth takes a moment to admire the cut of his charcoal suit.

“I was bored.”  A sly smile.

Cullen picks up his phone, swipes it on with his thumb.  “Come - to - my - room - later - “ he reads, “for - a -”  He glares at her.  “You could at least have the courtesy to finish the sentence.”

She does grin then, crossing her arms across her chest.  “You’ve an imagination, chief, you should use it.”

“And then this?”  Cullen turns his phone towards her to show her a picture, half-loaded.  “A picture of your ankle?  Your stocking has a run in it.  So?”

Aeveth puts a hand to her mouth and giggles.  “Shapely ankles were once considered the height of sexiness, you know.”

He lets out a huff of exasperation.  “You’re impossible.”  Cullen turns and peers out the window.  Seeing no one there, he takes two quick strides across the office, kisses her swiftly on the mouth.  “You keep that run to yourself, Ms. Trevelyan.  I’m guessing I have a task later.” 

His phone buzzes in his hand.

Aeveth’s mouth turns up at the corners as she watches her Chief of Security walk out.  That ass, she thinks, and bites the inside of her lower lip.

White House shuffle hands new role to Obama aide

President Barack Obama’s chief of staff Bill Daley has asked a senior aide to take on greater operational oversight of staff at the White House, a senior administration official said Monday.

Daley, who became Obama’s top White House adviser earlier this year, would still retain his day-to-day management role.

Pete Rouse, a long-time aide to Obama who ran the White House in an interim capacity after the president’s first chief of staff Rahm Emanuel stepped down last year, will take on new coordinating responsibilities.

Photo Credit: (Mary F. Calvert/Reuters)

I just want to say that British Ambassador Lord John Marbury says “God bless America.” and Leo says “God save the queen.” and the amount of respect you see that they have for each other in this scene is amazing and those two lines made me cry. Because though Lord Marbury calls Leo a butler and they tease and pick at each other, they really truly have nothing but respect for each other, no matter how crazy Leo thinks Lord Marbury is. And i really love how these two lines show that.

Scott Walker's chief of staff resigns at a somewhat suspect time
  • what Scott Walker’s chief of staff, Keith Gilkes, just decided to resign from his post. The timing is suspect due to an investigation over Walker staffers possibly doing political activities on the taxpayer’s dime.
  • why Gilkes, who says he’s not involved in the “John Doe” investigation, claims that he’s returning to his being a political consultant, but will come in from the bullpen if Walker gets recalled next year. source
Bitch magazine Invites Stories from Women Writers for the Winter 2016 Issue - Pays up to $100

Bitch Media, a non-profit feminist organization and media company that publishes the popular Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture magazine, is inviting freelance writers to submit stories with a feminist perspective for the Winter 2016 issue.

This issue’s theme will interpret “Nerds.” Kjerstin Johnson, Editor-in-Chief, and the staff invite women writers to submit personal stories based on what nerds mean to them. Nerdiness materializes in many varieties, typically identified as an imperturbable devotion to specialized knowledge coupled with a wonderful lack of social grace and much more. In this issue writers will explore, celebrate, and opine the many genres of nerdhood

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When on that duty, they should consider the importance of the trust reposed in them; and when in action, resolve not to part with the colors but with their lives.

Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben

The Presidents' Gatekeepers

“The Chief of Staff’s job has more authority and more power than the Vice President.”Dick Cheney, White House Chief of Staff for Gerald Ford (1975-1977) and 46th Vice President of the United States (2001-2009)

“You’ve gotta be the son of a bitch who basically tells somebody what the President can’t tell them.”Leon Panetta, White House Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton (1994-1997)

“Your job really is to just catch the javelins that are intended for the old man.”James Baker, White House Chief of Staff for Ronald Reagan (1981-1985) and George H.W. Bush (1992-1993)


I finally caught The Presidents’ Gatekeepers, the Discovery Channel’s incredible documentary detailing one of the most important jobs in the United States government and one of the most powerful positions in the world – the White House Chief of Staff. I don’t even know where to begin.  The Presidents’ Gatekeepers is an absolute masterpiece.  I think it is one of the best documentaries related to the Presidency that I have ever seen – and that includes the always-tremendous PBS American Experience biographies.

Because the White House Chief of Staff is not an elected official and Senate confirmation isn’t required for the Chief of Staff’s appointment, I think people can often overlook or underestimate the importance of the job and the influence of those who have held it.  The Presidents’ Gatekeepers should change that perception as the documentary really goes behind-the-scenes to establish how crucial an effective Chief of Staff can be to a President’s Administration.  

I recall watching The West Wing with someone when the series was still airing on NBC and my friend questioned why Leo McGarry, the fictional White House Chief of Staff, was so powerful.  She thought the role was exaggerated because, at times, Leo came across almost as a co-President – always deferential to the President but never afraid to push the President to make a decision, manage the President’s time, or simply disagree with the Commander-in-Chief.  But Leo would have been the ideal White House Chief of Staff and there have been real-life Chiefs of Staff just as influential and powerful as The West Wing’s version.

As Dick Cheney noted at the beginning of the documentary (and quoted at the beginning of this post), the White House Chief of Staff truly is more powerful than the Vice President of the United States.  Cheney is uniquely suited to make that observation as he is the only person in American history to serve in both positions – he was President Ford’s Chief of Staff in the 1970s and, of course, Vice President for eight years under President George W. Bush.  The fact that Cheney – arguably the most powerful Vice President in American history – still believes that the Chief of Staff has more authority and influence than the VP really explains a lot.

The most remarkable aspect of The Presidents’ Gatekeepers is that the history of the Chief of Staff position is actually related throughout the documentary by the 20 former White House Chiefs of Staff who are still living today.  Their knowledge of the position and their inside stories make The Presidents’ Gatekeepers an extraordinary film.  Anyone interested in the Presidency in general and the inner-workings of the real-life West Wing in particular needs to check out this documentary.  I don’t have enough adjectives in my arsenal to properly praise The Presidents’ Gatekeepers.  Find it and watch it.

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The Presidents’ Gatekeepers - Discovery Channel 9/11-9/12

He is the president’s most powerful advisor and closest confidant. The White House chief of staff shapes the president’s agenda, and turns his policies into reality—or disaster. He passes judgment on the president’s noblest ideas and his riskiest schemes. “He is the one person besides the president’s wife,” says Donald Rumsfeld, Gerald Ford’s ex-chief, “who can look him right in the eye and say, ‘no, you cannot go down that road, trust me, it’s a mistake.’” And because he rarely talks about his role—what happens in the Oval stays in the Oval—the chief of staff is the keeper of the president’s secrets.

“Congratulations!  You have the worst fucking job in America”

As an admitted Rahm Emanuel fan and Cyrus Beene apologist, I do love me some down and dirty bulldog Chiefs of Staff.  Cyrus may seem extreme, but he isn’t as far removed from the reality of what someone in that job has to be as you might think (or hope).  The POTUS is the leader of the free world and when you’re surrounded by “yes” people, you need a SOB who will tear into anyone who’s coming after you, including yourself.

I’m a documentary geek (on top of many other types of geek), but if you’re interested in a getting some more insight - this looks like a good one!

It was said that Sabo’s just so arrogant, as same as Ace, he dared to fight solo against an admiral?? Fujitora - is - an - admiral. Aw~ please, you guys still being obsessed by Marineford war, then the one who called “admiral” is just freaking terrible… 

sorry i didn’t mean to humble or what, i know exactly how powerful Fujitora is, but here is the points : 

- Sabo is totally not as same as Ace, he is not petulant for sure, the only reason he faces this fight is just to help his lil bro, he has no reason to fight “1 alive - 1 dead” with Fujitora 

- He’s the chief of staff of Revolutionary Army, as known as “the No2” of this force, which haven’t showed any fight ability before, so what point could prove that “the No2” is not able to beat “an admiral?? 

- You guys said that Fujitora appeared as the first admiral after timeskip, he can’t be defeated by a 22 years old boy. so that, Sabo has just appeared too, and represented for team Revolutionary Army, it such a shame if he lose in the first battle of himself. 

Excuse me, is it me or almost everyone says that Sabo was in trouble with Fujitora? then I can say that Fujitora is in Sabo’s line of fire. 

What’s next? What’s next?

Okay, here’s what happens next: you resign from office now. Or Amanda goes on TV, tells her sad, sordid tale, there are hearings, you’re impeached, and you’re forced to resign from office.

Your Vice President- a moronic, right-wing nut job who thinks the tea party was founded to lower the yacht tax and who also seems to not quite understand that evolution isn’t an idea but an actual fact, but who cares? We won the scary states in the election. They’ll have a party now that their Grand Wizard is President. I’m pretty sure I’ll never see a legal marriage and women will lose their right to choose, but hey, whatever. We’re all Republicans, even if the new president will give Republicans a bad name.

You’ll leave in disgrace, go home to California, keep a low profile for a while, and then some fancy publishing house will pay you a fortune for a book, which you’ll write, only it won’t talk about what everyone really wants to know about. It won’t talk about your sordid affair with a White House aide. It’ll talk about policy and your thoughts on the economy, and it won’t sell because no one cares about your thoughts on policy and the economy anymore because you’re not the President anymore. What you are now is a joke on “Letterman.”

Mellie, a lovely woman, ambitious and strong, and, well, quite wealthy in her own right, she’s not gonna be circa 1998 Hillary on this. No, sirree. This is the 21st century. She’s gonna leave you and she’s gonna take your children with her, and everyone will applaud her, from the Religious Right to the women’s groups, because you’re a philandering pig who had a child out of wedlock, and we all know it’s true because we heard the tape.

You’ll be alone in your house in Santa Barbara, listening to old records and telling the same story over and over again to the poor sap not smart enough to get out of being assigned to your secret service detail. Then one day, about, oh, three or four years from now, you’ll step into your bathroom, take out that revolver your father gave you when you were elected governor, you’ll put it in your mouth and you’ll blow the back of your skull off.

Oprah’s retired now, so I guess I have to do a post-funeral interview with Barbara Walters. She’s nice.

But, you know…You just go back to writing your own speech.

That’s important. That matters.


Cyrus Beene’s (Jeff Perry), the White House Chief of Staff, monologue to the President of the United States regarding the revelation the President got a White House aid pregnant. From last week’s Scandal.

Yes, folks, that is a monologue delivered on ABC on a Thursday night. That’s like a two-to-three-to-four page monologue. That is so unheard of on television it’s like seeing Sasquatch in the wild.

And it was fantastic.

And it was one of many long monologues. It’s a show that loves monologues.

As an over-writer, and a fan of monologues, I applaud and approve.