We really are #OneChicago. Last night during the season finale of #ChicagoFire the fam went to support our bae #LadyGaga comin home to MSG. And tonight, we’ll tweet the second to last episode of #ChicagoPD for the season! Is this real life? #pinchme #fam 

мαsтєя cнίєf


He had locked himself in his room most of that day. No one could exactly blame the young man, most members of the solitary cabin quiet and sympathetic. As Nick watched the last rays of sunlight hide behind the trees through the window, he closed heavy lids and took a heavy inhale through his nose, the exhale not long after.

The unusual timid knock and soft words that followed didn’t exactly surprise Nick. He expected the small woman to come in and see if he was okay; she was doing something everyone else wanted to do, but gave him space instead. Still, the inquiry annoyed him, his constant refusal to open up let alone talk about it.


“—-No. I don’t.”

        đєαтн. It was everywhere—unavoidable. No matter how you looked at it, you’d one day cease to exist. No longer draw air into your lungs, nor feel your own heart beat. Your fingers would eventually grow stiff and frigid, eyes dark and full of haze. It’s inevitable. And the same goes for loved ones—one day they, too, would come to an end. You’d never feel the warm touch of their skin against your own ever again, or the sound of their voice calling your name. Their scent, their love, thoughts, dreams.. it’d all vanish into thin air. The ways it could happen are endless. Though in this world, it was almost always in a tragic, gruesome way. A way that would haunt your dreams at night and keep you awake until you couldn’t stand it, even though  n o b o d y  deserved it. No one deserved to lose someone they love in such a manner.

                        н є   đ ί đ и ’ т   đ є s є я v є   т o   l o s є   н є я   l ί ӄ є   т н α т .

        Although not very close with the man, Evangeline worriedly stepped up the rickety stairs of the heavy-hearted cabin. The two’s relationship had been rocky, and there were days where she wasn’t exactly fond of him. Even so, she felt like she had to do this—an unsaid obligation to check up on him. Calloused knuckles gently tapped on his door, her voice coming in soft undertones following a moment later. With an ear pressed against the decrepit wooden door, Evan anxiously awaited his response. His broken voice met her though the thin surface, causing a scowl to contort bow-shaped pinks. A deep sigh ensued—of course he didn’t want to speak with her. She’d be the same way, admittedly. But the woman thought this a matter of extreme importance. There was something she simply had say. Luckily, Evan was just stubborn as he and wouldn’t let this go until she’d told what she had on her mind.


                You’re gonna have to come out of there sometime. she calls. —Or let me in, at the very least. 

        While the words came out, her small back leaned against the wall besides the doorway. Slowly, her knees gave way as she sunk closer and closer to the floor. Once seated, lean arms wrapped around bent legs in preparation for a long wait.