Warning #chickpost 🚨So today was the first day of “that time of the month” for me (told you—chick post.) 😁 @kevinmashburnfitness & I always laugh when this day comes because the few days before, I’m can be evil. 😈Once he’s in the clear he likes to repeat things I said to him the days prior & we have a good laugh because its SO out of character for me (can you relate?) 👹 Anyway, I went to #crossfit this morning & did well with my #WOD but still needed more & I’m almost done with Beta from #T25 so I popped it in.👯 Then, my evil cramps started. Even medicated, on the first day I’m usually in bed or work from the couch (currently in a hot bath) but I LOVE this workout.❤ So, this is where I say THANK YOU because I decided to just goof off & make it fun & use my social media to motivate me!📱💪 I worked up an AWESOME sweat, made myself happy (despite my pain) & ill either A. Make you happy too or B. Freak you out a bit but either way I did it!! Then u had a great call with @katebonifasfitness 😍 If you don’t already use your Instagram to hold you accountable or are not in one of my challenge groups, is get on that!! The holidays are coming. 🍂🎄🎃 These are the days I’m EXTRA grateful that its my JOB to motivate people otherwise I’d be stuffing my face & reporting to work with terrible cramps.😨🙏💞