I always end up hitting my mouth on the microphone. I’m not very comfortable onstage. when I walk into a room I like to be unnoticed. I like to slip in. I’m not the kind of person who wants to rule the room with my conversation. I’m a quiet person.
—  Trish Keenan for Chickfactor magazine, may 2001. [x]
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The Softies - Charms Around Your Wrist

from the final night of the Chickfactor 20th Anniversary gig in NYC

Bell House, Brooklyn, 12 April 2012

The Chickfactor shows and the upcoming NYC Popfest (which I’m pretty psyched about) are providing me with loads of options for Tolerable Twee Tuesday posts.

Alasdair MacLean - Irwin’s Show, WFMU, October 29, 2009

The Clientele have been on a break for a few years now, only popping up a few times for shows here and there. They’re popping up again for the Chickfactor festival in March (as is Alasadair MacLean’s other excellent group Amor de Dias). With Barbara Manning on the bill! Wow. If you’re anywhere on the east coast, you should attend (if tix are still available that is). The rest of us can listen to this wonderful solo session from 2009, with MacLean stripping some Clientele classics down to just guitar and voice. It’s pretty much perfect. 

It’s quite a mixture actually. ha ha ha. I suppose the one type I’ve come across more than any other is this short, small gay computer or website type guy. I don’t know why. I wouldn’t say they’re nerds. when I meet these people, I say “I know he’s gay and I bet he works in computers,” and it will come out and I think “how bizarre.”
—  Trish Keenan, when asked “What do your fans look like?”. Chickfactor magazine, may 2001. [x]