This chicken pho meal all started with two gifts from a new friend: a bag of pre-proportioned pho spices (easily and cheaply available in Chinatown) and a recipe posted on Instagram. The rest just fell in place. We had a freezer full of chicken carcasses from past roast chickens. Albert bought a massive 16-quart pot. I was feeling ambitious.

Aside from the charring of onions and ginger—which we did over a gas burner— the cooking process was fairly straightforward: add everything to a pot, bring to a boil, and let simmer for a very long time. I also consulted smitten kitchen’s version for some additional recipe notes and guidance.

  • Pro tip #1: Get a fine mesh skimmer; so useful and satisfying for removing the fat and scum that rises to the surface.

  • Pro tip #2: Don’t have leftover chicken carcasses? You can buy bags of chicken bones in Chinatown’s Deluxe Food Mart (or maybe ask your local butcher) to add that extra flavor.

Flavorful and soul-warming, perfect for a cold winter night.