HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS! Right after my boyfriend and I took this picture, two guys that work with the Chicago Cubs came up to us and told us we were the lucky winners for the night and gave us a free upgrade to right behind home plate!!! 😳😳😳 we were up in the upper deck, in the 500s! Now we are just a few rows away from the field! From $13 tickets to like $200 tickets! It’s our lucky night! They literally just picked us at random. I’m so excited! #chicago #chicagocubs

Taken at my good friend Dan’s place. Cheering my Cubbies on with my gear on. Got my brewski in a cup from a Cub’s game. Was eating a Chicago dog. And got the Chicago flag in the background. Almost like I was actually there. Unfortunately the Cubs lost =/ BUT HAWKS WON! AND THE BULLS DID, TOO! 2 outta 3 ain’t bad Chicago. O and uh, FUCK THE WHITE SOX.