The acorn never falls far from the oak...

I’ve been away from my beloved Montreal for almost two months now and can’t pay as much attention, obviously, as I did when I lived there, but I see the PTB (powers that be) have pulled out a cannon to kill a gnat with loi 78. Something about wearing masks and the like (just wait until December when all Montrealers are wearing those Joe Palooka-like things against the cold!).

But what warms the cockles of this old war-horse’s heart is seeing my daughter Bailey take to the (social media) ramparts to rail against the bill. Memories of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968 are flooding back. Don’t be afraid to suck on some CZ and bleed a little for what you believe in. We ended a war — you can get a law overturned. Occupy Something!!

Oh, and up the revolution!