The very night we reported on the Guardian’s discovery, we were contacted by one of CPD’s victims. He was held in this torturous black site not only without due process, but without food and water as well.

Another victim of Chicago’s terrorist apparatus took to Reddit to voice his experience of being inside. In his post, the man who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, spoke out about his experience inside. He was brought to Homan Square after six heavily armed police officers kicked in his door and kidnapped him for being in possession of a plant that is legal in other parts of the country.

He talks about only asking for his lawyer and not talking about anything else. He explains how this led to the staff of Homan Square replying, “you can say lawyer all you want motherf****r, you won’t see one until tomorrow.”

“All the way to the right is where they take people in because they got cages on the second floor. The first floor is where the SWAT and FBI tanks are,” Roger recalls.

“I was held for 24 hours,” Roger said, “My people couldn’t find me because I wasn’t in jail.”

“They kept bringing in pics of old friends of mine asking questions. But I kept to myself. I got no food and no water, and it was hot as hell. I couldn’t sleep and was hungry as hell,” Roger tells the Free Thought Project.

The next day Roger was finally taken to Area Four where he was booked on a possession charge and released. He told us that during the escapade, police put drugs in his pants pocket.

Since the story of Homan Square broke, many local news stations have been downplaying the reality of this site’s existence. But their spin doesn’t change anything.

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Killing Off The Queers

Dead Lesbian Syndrome. Bury Your Gays.  This trope has a few names, and although I like to think it was fading, this 2014-2015 TV season have proven me oh so wrong.  We have had no fewer than 3 queer female characters be killed off in 3 weeks. Let me repeat that- THREE queer women in THREE weeks. That’s bordering on ridiculous. Of course, that’s almost as bad as killing off 9 queer women in 2013 TV season alone. 

This is not a case of “They are being treated like every other character.”  I would accept that, if we had enough queer women on TV to have a fair sample, but we don’t.  The GLAAD “Where are we on TV” report just came out, and we are almost exactly where we were last year.  3.8% of scripted characters on TV are LGBTQ. This means that way more of a percentage of gays got killed off than the typical straight white male.  This is not equal representation. This is quite literally, “Bury Your Gays” (with a mix of Fridging.)  And it needs to stop.   

The excuses behind these characters deaths are also trite and hard to swallow. 

Isabelle Hartley (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D):  Isabelle was killed off during the season premiere (where she was also introduced!) Her sexuality was never discussed on the show, ever though in the comics she is canonically queer.  Then she was killed off.  THEN the writers gave an interview stating they didn’t talk about her sexuality because they “Would’ve been known as the people who killed off two lesbians on a show.”  

Well, that makes me feel SO much better. Not mentioning her sexuality does not make her automatically straight. Beyond the fact that indicates that “hetero” should be the default sexuality, tons of fans of the show know that in the comics, she WAS gay. Not saying it doesn’t make it so. 

Leslie Shay (Chicago Fire): Leslie was killed off in the first episode of the season.   The writers admitted that it was to further the storyline of everyone else- basically saying she was way less important then everyone else. If killing someone is the only way to further someone’s character development, that’s just plan bad writing. 

Sara Lance (Arrow):  Sara, knows as the Black Canary, was also killed off during the season premiere.  Are we sensing a theme here?  The writers claim it was to further a storyline, but it also sets the stage for her sister, Laurel, to take the mantle of Black Canary (as she is in the comics.) 

I’m all for Laurel being the Black Canary, but did they really have to kill off her sister to do it? Is there some unwritten rule that two women can’t be superheroes at the same time? Would the world end or be sucked into a black hole?  They already have both Oliver and Roy as two of the heroes on the show. Could Sara not have trained Laurel?  Once again, it’s terrible writing. There could have been 100 other ways to have done this that would have been less cliché and painful for the LGBTQ community. 

It’s already hard enough to find myself in TV characters (we won’t even get into the lack of Butch representation,) but to give all the queer kids out there a sliver of hope  and then take it away? Not cool. How many queer kids are watching these shows thinking “Look, they are just like me!” only to watch them get brutally killed? This just reinforces the stereotype that queers don’t deserve happy endings, especially when there are SO FEW of them already on TV. 

Well, you know what? We do deserve happy endings, and good story lines, and to be more than a way to further some straight person’s character development. And it’s time for TV to start reflecting that.