The Top Cities For Relocation

One of the most enduring pieces of advice given to job seekers? “Remain open to the possibility of relocation.” To determine which cities are most attractive to those considering a move, The Ladders tracked job seekers using their site to find not just a new job but a new city as well and saw that nationally, 39% of job seekers are on the hunt for a new zip code.


I’m your Uncle Aiden and I like to play videogames by passing out in the street.

This update also includes the first Chicago History Video, covering the city’s founding.

Norfolk and Western commuter train crossing the Chicago River

Caption: “Inbound to Chicago Union Station crossing the 21st Street bridge. A year or less before, this train still operated out of Dearborn Station (at least next to it). This was a Wabash train before the 1964 merger.”


September 1977

Photo by Gary Morris