My favorite way to fight ignorance...

is with education!

I saw a rather insulting post about the Chicago #NoFilterShow and decided to pull some ticketing numbers this morning to drop a little bit of knowledge for some folks. Enjoy!

Average run length of headliner comedy shows currently in Chicago and coming within the next month: 45 minutes (shows ran between 35 - 75 minutes)
Average ticket price for a standard floor level seat: $48.23

35% of those tickets also require a 2 drink minimum at the venue as well so you could really plan on adding $12 to that at least.

If #NoFilterShow was my client, and because most of the shows I referred to are solo acts and there are three headliners here, I’d probably tell them to raise the pricing to $45, so really they are saving you a couple bucks already.

I hope this information is worth the middle finger too!

The Pattern Base: Over 550 Contemporary Textile and Surface Designs

By Kristi O’Meara & Edited by Audrey Victoria Keiffer

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A strikingly beautiful sourcebook of inspiration from the founder of one of the most influential textile and fabric design websites.

Textile design has been liberated and democratized by digital media. With new technology allowing for more precise manipulation and larger variation of materials and patterns, textile designers have found new ways to create ambitiously, experiment, and be inspired. At the same time, the rise of digital processes has led to a renewed appreciation of traditional craftsmanship and the handmade, and of the tactility and construction of textiles and surfaces.

In The Pattern Base, Kristi O’Meara, designer and creative director of the Chicago-based design studio The Patternbase, showcases more than 550 textile, surface, fashion, and print designs from over 150 designers working around the world. Part One is a sourcebook of these designs, organized by type of pattern: Geometric, Floral, Representational, Digital Abstract, Illustrative, and Fabric Swatches. Part Two presents profiles of fifteen artists, constituting the hottest up-and-comers in the field, including Lorenzo Nanni, whose delicate beadwork conjures the natural world’s flora and fauna; Anita Hirlekar, whose felt, velvet, and lace work create luscious variations of texture; and Kayla Mattes, mistress of kitsch aesthetics and material experimentations. 697 illustrations.