“The Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel came by my job, still can’t stand this muthafucka tho,”

“He was smilin’ and cheesin’ and stuff. I’m like, dude, come on: you’re only doing that because you’re trying to get elected. You’re trying to make it look like you’re a man of the people. But you’re not…

…So many people have been killed. … 50 schools got closed—and most of them on the South Side and West Side”—overwhelmingly black areas of the city. “But you cater to the people in Gold Coast. Why don’t you [cater to] the South Side?”

(via South Side Man Who Posed Stone-faced with Mayor on Instagram: Rahm Emanuel is a Horrible Tipper — In These Times)

mooseman13579 asked:

Could you explain the old lady with the shovel hissing 'dibs' for those of us who aren't up on Chicago? Or indeed, city living?

Oh Dibs.

Dibs is somewhat a city thing, in that I think it happens in most major cities where snow also happens, though it goes by different names depending on region.

So, you live on a street with street parking only, and it snows, and you dig your car out to go to the grocery store. You spend half an hour digging snow, get your car clear, pull away…and leave a perfectly shoveled empty parking space for someone else to take.

But you put all that effort into shoveling, and it’s super uncool to come back and find nowhere to park, so after you pull out, you go back to your house and grab a couple of cheap/broken chairs, some empty coolers, some stolen traffic cones — a few things that you can set up in the parking space to keep others from parking there. Usually it’s chairs, known as Dibs Chairs. The Dibs Chairs say, I shoveled this out, I’m coming back for this spot, it’s my spot.

It is a GROSS breach of manners to move someone’s Dibs Chairs, and can often result in the returning Dibser finding your car and either keying it or reburying it in snow. 

At least in Chicago, every year the media try to whip up controversy about whether or not Dibs is a good thing, but I’ve yet to speak to someone who wants to argue against it. It’s a force of nature, really, but aside from that it just seems like the most sensible way to avoid conflict and ensure that someone already tired from shoveling out their spot doesn’t have to drive around looking for a parking space. 

That said, there are some people who get rather more defensive of the Dibs Chair than they really need to. The levels of rage that some people reach over Dibs reminds us that midwesterners are generally quiet and docile and that probably means they’re planning something.


Butler and Noah join the wave at the UC in win over Knicks (x)


Shout out to Team The Internet! If we look cold, it’s because we were.

I had a solid race today- I had an average of 10:08 with a 5k split of 31:47 and a finish of 50:28. Stoked to see negative splits! Also, did I mention that this was a PR?!?! Whoop!

I did something different this race. Knowing the majority was downtown, I decided to race by feel and did not look at my watch at all after I hit start. I managed my splits by the gun time after the first mile and tried to just push myself that way. I felt solid until I hit Franklin and an enormous wind gust attacked me head on. Man, this city can be a time/mojo killer sometimes with that wind.

While I know that The Internet’s performance was not really driven by me, I felt solid with what I was able to put out for my team. It was so great to meet runnermd and seechrisrun in person! And for Chris and Ellen who I don’t follow, I hope you find this so I can follow you ladies too!

Happy freezing cold Sunday. I celebrated my PR with bottomless mimosas!