Irresistible (Live) - Fall Out Boy

AB/AP Record Release Show @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago || 1/24/15

i was in 7/11 the other night grabbin some snacks and there was a dude getting a pizza slice and a lady comes exploding thru the door yelling at him saying he was an fucking asshole and a dick that he made her miss the bus and she storms out and the guy walks out behind her and wispered “at least i can eat a pizza waiting for the next bus” i died


Union Station Action by ihbconnection on Flickr.

Caption: “A pair of F40PHs shove their train into Chicago’s Union Station as a switcher stands by ready to switch cars once all passengers have stepped off the train.”

Note the elevated Harrison Street Tower to the right; this railroad tower still exists but is not visible since the New Post Office building was built around it and covers this whole scene today.

December 22, 1985

Photos by Tom Golden