George Lucas, who revolutionized the art of storytelling and motion pictures with his epic Star Wars films, seeks to change the way people understand narrative art and moving images by building the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, a $300M art museum to open on the lakefront of Chicago in 2020. Joining nearby cultural institutions such as the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum on the lakeshore museum campus, the Lucas Museum will house everything from illustrative works and digital art to animation and cinematic design.

If you live in Chicago and you are someone who is down to meet up in coffee shops or walk around art museums or go on photoshoots or even sit at the beach despite it being freezing out, please do not ever hesitate to reach out to me because I enjoy doing all of those things and would enjoy them even more were I to have another person to do them with. 


Here at UChicago, we’ve got this splendid piece of geography called the “Promontory Point”.

A promontory is literally “a point of high land that juts into a large body of water (thank you Google Search), and that’s exactly what the point does, straight into Lake Michigan. We go there to have picnics, make campfires, throw the frisbee, and admire the ocean-like vastness that is the Lake.

Just an mile away from campus, “the point’ is a place we enjoy all year round.

*Seagull seems enjoy it too*