Yesterday was BYP 100’s first ever National Day of Action for Black Women and Girls. ‪#‎BYP100‬ leaders shared their demands for greater accountability of police violence towards females, and family members of ‪#‎RekiaBoyd‬ spoke about her 2012 fatal shooting by an off-duty police officer. Read more about the Rekia Boyd trial, and what it says about the fight for ‪#‎police‬ accountability at http://chicagoreporter.com/in-rekia-boyd-case-family-faces-a-familiar-outcome/

Photos by Grace Donnelly/ The Chicago Reporter


ADOMANIACS REJOICE: This summer I’m hitting up the raddest cities in North America - that also happen to be easy for me to visit during a breakneck regimen of writing and debauchery here in Los Angeles. (As always I am a gay, so please bring one homosexual for every homophobe in your party just to balance out the audience for all these shows.)

(Photo: Laura Barisonzi/ Ally Coalition)

OMAHA: Born and raised there for two months in 1980, returning in 2015 to see what’s up. Crom Comedy Festival THIS SUNDAY 5/24 has me at two aptly titled shows: Dungeon and Babe Island! Excellent all-around festival lineup if you happen to dislike me personally for some reason.

SEATTLE: Pride week comedy showcase Out & In TUE 6/23 at the sumptuous Neptune Theatre with Nick Sahoyah, Elicia Sanchez and Caitlin Weierhauser! Tix only $15 if you get off your ass and get them any time before showing up at the door the day of. (Notice: not currently as hot as this poster image.)

PORTLAND: Did you know it’s now illegal to perform in Seattle without also doing a show in Portland the same week? Personally I thank Ron Wyden for that. Anyway, I’ll be at the Doug Fir Lounge THU 6/25 for Hella Feller with Nick Sahoyah, Bri Pruett, Caitlin Weierhauser and Trevor Thorpe. Tix only $12!!!

EUGENE: I will be making my Eugene, Oregon DEBUT at Wow Hall FRI 6/26! Please come welcome me and show me where all the bad shit is. Featuring Nick Sahoyah and Caitlin Weierhauser - advance tix only $15!

CHICAGO: Why not? I love your damn city anytime but somehow only been there once before under life-supporting weather conditions. So I’m excited to summer at the Chicago Comedy Exposition SAT 7/11 with Phoebe Robinson + more shows all weekend. Great festival lineup so get a pass you idiots!

SILICON VALLEY: Saw me at SXSW Interactive? Medium to positive memory of this experience? Get a full yottabyte of JAdo processing power for an entire weekend of five shows at Rooster T. Feathers in Sunnyvale THU 7/30 - SUN 8/2!

SAN FRANCISCO: If you can pry me away from my midsummer hallucinations long enough I’ll be at Outside Lands festival FRI 8/7 - SUN 8/9! They promise Music, Food, Wine, Beer, Art, Comedy - so please experience everything in that order and show up to my shows like drunken little macaroni salads!

PS: If you’re in Los Angeles I do a lot of shows here big and small and the best way to find out about them is to follow me on twitter @JAdomian no matter how annoying that might get.

Locomotives over the ash pit at the roundhouse and coaling station at the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad yards, Chicago, Ill. (LOC) by The Library of Congress
Via Flickr:
Delano, Jack,, photographer. Locomotives over the ash pit at the roundhouse and coaling station at the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad yards, Chicago, Ill. 1942 Dec. 

Starts/Speculations / Available at www.draw-down.com / Starts/Speculations exhibition catalog designed for the Chicago Design Museum showcasing exhibited pieces (printed matter and installation) dating back to 1909 and contemporary work by Chicago-based designers/studios. Inspired by the past century of design achievement and looking toward the future with insight and creativity, Starts/Speculations represents an anthology of work from Chicago’s graphic design legacy and a glimpse into how the tools we use to design and communicate could evolve and influence our interactions in the future. Designed by Programme #graphicdesign #typography #design #exhibition #chicago #ChicagoDesignMuseum

Reason #1387 why my job rules. Don’t make bets you aren’t prepared to lose. This dude has to walk around like this til Monday night, no hats allowed. #oldman #malepatternbaldness #idiot #barbershopconnect #traditional_barbers @traditional_barbers #barberlife #chicago #chicagobarber #handcraftedbarbershop (at Handcrafted Barber Shop)


So since YOULL be here two days in a row that means you have time to explore the city right???? Well I’ve lived here for my whole life so maybe I can show you around to the places that aren’t touristy (less crowded too) and if you’ve watched the TV show Chicago Fire my dad works for the actual CFD and when I told him you were coming for two days he’s like “tell her I can show her around” also I have four sisters and they’re all swifties… And we all LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!! One of them is moomoo519 So instead of inviting people into your home I’ll invite you into mine? And you can eat CHICAGO style pizza WHICH IS BOMB. 🎉💃👏