Long Live the Queen

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It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

It was never supposed to have happened this way.

Neo-Queen Serenity was dead. Assassinated before the eyes of the entire world while begging for peace. The world had reeled in shock- wasn’t she immortal? Wasn’t she supposed to have her guardians to prevent this?

The world grieved, for one of its greatest lights had gone out forever. Usagi Tsukino’s time had ended with the birth of a new world. Neo-Queen Serenity’s ended before it was intended. But it was ended, and now it was her daughter’s time.

She had banished them all from her presence in these final moments she had as the Small Lady Usagi Tsukino. The world had grieved, but Crystal Tokyo needed its queen, and they could put it off no longer. She wanted to beg Pluto, to beg Puu to let her go back, to let her FIX this, but she knew what the ancient woman would say.

A knock on the door. “It’s time.”

Her legs guided her of their own accord, her heart screaming that this was wrong, that this wasn’t how it was supposed to be. She was utterly numb as she approached the dais where she would become Queen Lady Serenity. No more Chibi-Usa. No more Small Lady.

She had always thought her coronation would be something that she would celebrate and remember with joy, the moment when her Mother passed on her responsibilities. Not a nightmare like this. NEVER like this. There was no joy in this, not when her aunts could not look her in the eye, not with her father looking so helpless and shattered. This wasn’t right.

She knelt, and the crown that had once belonged to Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom was placed gently on her head. “Rise as Queen.” Queen Lady Serenity rose.

She turned to face her people, and they celebrated. But that didn’t matter. Not without her mother here. The crowd began to chant.

“Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen!”

 And as the chant echoed in the crystalline hall, Queen Lady Serenity cried.

 Long Live the Queen.


Inspired by that lovely drawing of Chibs as Queen. The commentary asked for angst. I can only hope I delivered. This is actually my first attempt at fanfiction. I’m not sorry at all.

Thank you for sharing this. I love so much when Goggles works like this, and we inspire each other. It was lovely and painful, the best possible combination. My brain is all tied up in terrible things now, and it’s glorious.


That time Chibiusa ran into a fucking weirdo lol

Headshots from a 10 favorite characters meme thing. I’m trying to fnd a style thats fast but cute for button selling this spring. Hilda came out the cutest IMO, but she’s not the right dimensions. Hmm…

And if you counted 11, you’re not crazy.

anonymous said:

This one is for Usagi & Chibi-Usa! How is your relationship now as mother & child?? Do you guys still pick at each other & fight..or is there more balance now?? Please share :)


Well, we still fight and bicker from now and then, but we both know it’s never a serious fight. I think we understand each other much better now.


I do have to admit that Usagi has grown up a lot since the first time I visited. She’s more like Mama in the 30th century now.


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