Thank you~

Thank you to all my buds who I have made since joining this fandom, Every single one of you are super important to me and I could of never kept up my cheery tune if I had not found any of you. I’m sincerely thankful to all of you. Remember that I love yal, no matter what.

chibiq asked:

Ditto DITTO!! Benny getting pulled over by GCBC for speeding and then he flirts his way out of a ticket!!


he’s probably start with the fuckin space pick up lines THEN START PULLING OUT THE REAL GUNS AND SMILING AND WINKING and GCBC’s TRYING to write a ticket but they’re getting redder and redder and BC’s hand is shaking cuz he’s so flustered to the point GC has to take over and he handles it a bit better but he’s still all BLUSHU and trying not to giggle at this damn space guys HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PUNS AND PICK UP LINES but DAMN if those aren’t thing GC fuckin loves

its so hard to play bad cop when spacemen wont stop flirting with you and making you blush

chibiq asked:

I know it's been forever but i am so proud of you ashy i just watched the vid and the second they said "act your age" i teared up you got to live your dream and when they said Kicsterash the crowd gasped i was so proud you are truly a huge inspiration to me darling and i can't wait to see your designs on the big screen~ i'm rooting for you!!

Aahhh thanks Girl! I’m always happy to be an inspiration and lately it’s been easier to admit that. I’m feeling a lot happier about things and a lot more confident. Impossible things can happen to anyone, you only need to keep working at it! ;)

And you will LOVE the episode. I got to watch it last February, and it is by far one of the best PnF episodes.


Birthmas gift art for my friends with birthdays near Christmas! Merry Birthmas again to chibiq and pizzapality !!

(Varrick got an Espeon and named it Zhu Li… he probably has either another one or a Vaporeon named Varrick Jr., lol. He tells Zhu Li the Espeon to “do the thing” and she uses her psychic abilities to telekinetically bring tools and stuff over to him, ehehe. u vu I oddly had a lot of thoughts to go along with that drawing, heh.)