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OH GEEZ THE SHIPS. This time, more romantic ones than platonic ones, oh my! (But still some platonic. I just love imagining Grita trying to teach Zed how not to be an awful person :V)
Aaah, and I had to wait so long to post these because of Akiko/Terui being a tinge spoilers XD But such strong ships from W. So, so strong~…

Aaaand then there’s Decade. GDI Decade. At least rewatching it reminded me how much I actually like the protagonists (THEY ARE AT WORST ENTERTAININGLY AWFUL) (at best they’re AUusuke), I just hate the season they’re in, so at least… I have that… and yet another ship for a Yuusuke. GDI. … this too is decade’s fault!

Fic: Chibi Adventures: Alastair & Dean

Written for my wife.

I’m not going to bother with a read more because it’s my blog and I do what I want with no regrets, oh look at all the fucks I give.

Prompt: Parents disapprove, John thinks Alastair is a bad influence and Lucifer is offended. Big sister Lilith let’s them play.

I didn’t make Lucifer the father because he’s already a child in this series so I gave Alastair a mom instead! And Lilith didn’t fit it, I’m sorry :( BUT I HOPE IT STILL PLEASES YOU!!

- - - - - - -

The first time Dean went over to Alastair’s house after school he was a little nervous because he’d never met Alastair’s mother before.  He realized, within seconds of stepping food in the small house, that he had had nothing to be nervous about. Eve was so welcoming and friendly that by the time Dean left a few hours later it was like he had a second mom.

The first time Alastair went over to Dean’s house after school was a whole other matter.

It was okay at first, Mary was welcoming and nice and Alastair had liked her immediately.  She’d brought them cookies and milk and had even let Alastair hold Dean’s 1 year old brother Sam.  Sam just gurgled and cooed at him as he grabbed at Alastair’s nose and hair but the boy didn’t mind.  He was an only child and he’d always wanted a little brother or sister.  They’d played with Dean’s monster trucks and army men until it was just about time for Alastair to leave.

When John came home Dean had heard the door and he’d grabbed Alastair’s hand and dragged him from his room, excited to show off his friend.

The first thing out of John’s mouth upon seeing the two was, “Boys don’t hold hands.” He’d frowned until Dean had reluctantly let go.  The boy had pouted but had introduced the two.  John had been civil but Alastair had the feeling that the man didn’t like him that much.

He went home that evening a little sad but knew he could play with Dean the next day at school.

That night his mom got a phone call after he’d gone to bed, only he hadn’t been able to sleep so he had listened in.

“Yes, this is she.” She said pleasantly.  “Oh! Mr. Winchester, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Dean is such a sweet boy, he’s really helped Alastair come out of his shel- excuse me?” Her tone changed and he shrunk back.  That was her ‘you say that again and you’ll be sorry’ tone.  Usually the ‘you’ll be sorry’ was extra chores or spending an hour in his room, but he’d never heard her use it to another adult before. “Excuse me Mr. Winchester, but you have no right to say such things about my son. No, you listen to me. They’re five! Holding hands means nothing at that ag-” Her annoyed huff obviously meant that she’d been cut off. “Fine.” She growled before slamming the phone on the receiver.

Alastair had crawled into bed and pretended to be asleep, even when she came and checked on him.

The next morning after he’d gotten ready for school and she was handing him his lunch, she knelt beside him and kissed his cheek. “Dean’s father doesn’t want you two playing together anymore. I’m sorry sweetheart.” She hated to break the news to him but she wanted him to know before he got to school only to find out that they couldn’t be friends anymore.  “It’s only because Dean’s father is an idiot and you did nothing wrong, okay baby?” Once he’d nodded, heartbroken, she’d pattered his head and walked him the short distance to school.

For most of the morning Alastair stayed by himself.  Every once and a while it felt like he was being watched and he’d looked up to find his friend staring at him.  He’d duck his head and continue on with whatever task he’d been doing at the time.  The day was very lonely without his friend with him to make it more fun.

At recess he found his favourite spot, underneath the play equipment.  He hadn’t had reason to hide there for a long time, ever since Dean had dragged him out and made him play with him.  He’d miss those times.

He wiped at his eyes.

“Why are you crying?” A voice caused him to jump and he turned around to find Dean at the entrance of his spot.

“Because.” He frowned, “We’re not allowed to be friends anymore.”

Dean snorted as he crawled into the hideout and plunked himself down beside Alastair.  “To hell with what my dad says.” He said, repeating what he’d heard his mother say to his father once he’d gotten off the phone with Alastair’s mom. “My mom likes you and even though my dad’s the dad, my mom is in charge.” He gave the other a toothy grin. “I was trying to get your attention all morning but I wasn’t sure if you still wanted to be friends.”

“I do!” Alastair promised, so relieved and so happy to have his friend back, he couldn’t help giving Dean a big smile.

Dean laughed, “Awesome!  Then let’s get out of here and go find Lilith and help her push Raphael into the mud!” With that said, he grabbed Alastair’s hand and pulled him out of the hiding spot.