Making it to the World Series with @punkpoint

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“I never figured on a career path in photography,” says Andy Kuno (@punkpoint), “I always thought I’d be doing something else. Photography was just a hobby in high school.” A community of sports photographers, including Brad Mangin (@bmangin), helped him find his way as a young rookie.

As the team photographer for the San Francisco Giants, Andy uses Instagram to share behind-the-scenes moments of his hometown baseball team and their journey to the World Series. “My favorite time to capture images is during batting practice while the players are loose,” he says.

“I wanted to show stuff that would never make it to print,” he continues. “As social media has become an important outlet to our fans, we’ve hit Instagram pretty hard. I’ve been given autonomy to do what I need to show the team’s personality at its best.”

It seems to be happening a lot recently doesn’t it. There seems to be a lot of episodes where they are falling out. I think it’s just teething. It’s the two of them getting to know each other again and finding a way with one another. I’m sure they will figure it out although he isn’t an easy man to get on with but they love each other very much so I’m sure they will work it out.

Jenna Coleman

When you leave, do you think you will leave by getting angry at The Doctor?


All five Sailor Moon arcs as depicted by 靄羅


Time flies : Cyprus

Hello you (Ancient Greece) | Arab-Byzantine Condominium (7th AD) | Crusaders’ Target (12th)

Venetian Rule (1489) | Ottoman invasion (1571) | Beginning of Enosis (1821)

British Colony (1923) | Independence (1960) | Turkish Invasions & Northern Cyprus (1974)

Republic of Cyprus & Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

polyamorous carmilla x laura x danny 

note: I took down the first version cause I felt it was too close to the art it was inspired from and I’m sorry about that. So if you reblogged it could you please delete it for me? I’m gonna message as many people as I can but any help would be appreciated

Laura is not what she seems

First, and probably off, Carmilla’s backstory mentions someone we presume to be Elle, but could actually be L.

Then there’s the overprotective dad thing and her weird diet that’s been remarked on by both Danny and LaFontaine as not something that could sustain human life (but tastes good for Laura).

I suspect something supernatural is up with her as well and she probably doesn’t know it.

Carmilla, brand loyalty and U by Kotex

So I bought a bunch of U by Kotex tampons today (not a sentence I ever thought i’d write on Tumblr). I didn’t even know they sold them in Australia. I’ve never considered changing brands of sanitary products and I’ve never remotely enjoyed buying period products before; but suddenly today I found myself in a supermarket isle carefully (and excitedly? how weird!) examining, choosing and buying period products months before i’ll even need them… and why gentle viewers was I suddenly having this strange urge? Carmilla.

Brand loyalty is a huge deal. Especially when the customers you are acquiring are young women who will be buying literally thousands of dollars of period products throughout their lifetimes.

Brand loyalty for period products which give the customers positive emotions when they buy them because they feel like they are somehow (in a small way) expressing their sexuality and which make them feel little bit closer to their current favorite piece of entertainment media is even harder to come by (previously impossible i’d hazard a guess). 

Plus the whole PSA thing was freakin awesome because it was made abundantly clear that talking and joking around about periods is totally normal thing to do (which it should be!).

So thanks Kotex for getting behind the awesomeness that is Carmilla, and for making me feel like i’m spoiling myself when I buy sanitary products. Please give us a Season 2, and then i’ll tell all my friends and sisters to buy U by Kotex (yes this is blackmail).

Aaaand, the box is black, which I like ;)

2011 Ridge Three Valleys Zinfandel

Keeping an eye on my Ridge lest some pesky Kansas City Royals fan tries to take it! This is some benchmark stuff. Rich blackberries and raspberries macerated with aged balsamic and brown sugar into a decadent syrup. Pine needles. Great acidity to keep all this decadence in check on the palate. GO GIANTS!!! 

4/5 bones


Zinfandel, Petite Sirah

13.8% abv

Sonoma County, California, USA