but like guys what if in the finale it’s all settled and Laura is at her desk recording her last video all not into it at all and she hears her door open and shut and doesn’t even bother looking back bc it’s not the love of her life and goes,”who the hell are you?” aND YOU HEAR A SULTRY VOICE GO,”I’m your new roommate, sweetheart.” AND HER EYES LIGHT UP AND YOU JUST SEE THE LIFE DRAINED FROM HER THAT SHE LOST SOBBING OVER CARMILLAS DEATH COME BACK AND HER CHEEKS FLUSH AND SHE GETS THAT LITTLE HALF SMILE RESERVED FOR CARMILLA X10 AND CARMILLA IS IN THE BACKGROUND IN HER KNEE SOCKS AND BITING HER LIP WHILE SHE SMILES AND HER HEAD IS TILTED DOWN BUT SHES LOOKING AT LAURA TEASINGLY AND THEN YOU SEE LAURA SPIN AROUND AND END SCENE

  1. she’s the title character
  2. she can’t be
  3. she has to come back in the finale and kiss laura
  4. there’s no death allowed 
  5. there’s going to be a season two
  6. the writers wouldn’t hurt me like this (this is not true)
  7. i didn’t permit this
  8. she’s a badass vampire (they don’t just die)
  9. she didn’t tell laura she loved her yet
  10. i can’t cope so i made this list