Villain vol. 2 - the case of trickster -

And the series continues! This CD is R-18!! Unlike the previous volume, it is less obvious what kind of “villain” the featured character Kaname is, although it’s clear that he’s some kind of “trickster”/swindler (?) who enters the company you’re working for. Kaname is well-praised and leaves a good impression on all, but for some reason you just can’t bring yourself to like him. One evening in the dark office, you find a room that is still lit up… Two more volumes (vol. 3 beast and vol.4 killer) are planned. 

CV: 黒井鋼 (Higuchi Tomoyuki)
Date of release: 29 May 2015
Preorder: Animate Online, Stellaworth, Seagull Online Shop, HOBiGIRLS store

So, I’m back from my first day of work

Even though I feel sick, shaky, and don’t remember everything they told me, I have to keep telling myself it’s the first day, even the manager says that he does not expect me to know everything right away which is sweet. My manager and the co-worker I had today were nice. :) There is so much to learn, but I think I got this.

Current status:

Tired as Link

dubindore asked:

So I was looking through some of your chatribou posts and saw one regarding your distinct art style, and were wondering if anyone has noticed anything distinct about your own style. I personally think that your top distinct (and also my favorite) part of your style is the facial expressions. The expressions on the characters you draw are just fantastic and well...expressive! I especially like the face with kinda the wavy upper lip and the open mouth. You use it for Lloyd a lot. 10/10, I love it.

wow, thank you for the thoughtful comment!! i always really appreciate those. 

and ahhaa, yes, it’s something i did once for him and can’t get away from…

first part of a new series i will be working on

love letters is a series that i have been thinking about for a long time now. 

for a large portion of my life, i could not be alone. i became attached to ideas rather than people. i was so dependent on being with someone else, i stayed in relationships that were not healthy for me. 

this past year has been a year of self-discovery. i have grown and blossomed on my own. i have learned to respect myself and indulge in my passions without guilt. i am proud and strong. 

this is a series about letting go. 

i have juxtaposed beautiful photos i have taken with the awful things various ex boyfriends have said to me. 

this is a series about finding balance. 

Guess my Top 10 Characters

Or more accurately, guess my favorite character from the following series. I don’t normally form favorites, so some of these are just favorites from series I heavily enjoyed as well.

  • Touhou (x2)
  • Negima (x2)
  • Detective Conan (x2)
  • xxxHolic
  • Read or Die
  • Franken Fran
  • Nurarihyon
  • Wakfu
  • Kankolle
  • Sailor Moon