Hey everyone! My financial situation is pretty dire, and it’s gotten to the point where I’m at threat of losing a lot of essential things; gas, phone, internet, etc. I don’t have enough money to cover for myself and my family anymore, and any extra bit of cash I can get can really save me here.

If you can’t pay, a reblog is still really appreciated! These prices for chibis will be low thru Feb. 28th to March 6th, then they’ll be up at $10-15.

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Payment MUST be received before I start drawing, and if your chibi isn’t to you within 2-3 days of your purchase, you get a full refund.

Thank you for any form of support!

The little red-armor-clad girl charges at the monster, sparks flying as she strikes it with her sword. Soon, the monster retaliates, grabbing her and seemingly choking her. She notices someone in the corner of her eye and turns to face the person.

"It’s not safe hewe!" She yells as loud as she can. Despite the girl’s childish lisp, the message is clear. "Wun!"