Next up we put Steph to the test as we make some less than appetizing smoothies for her to guess the ingredients of!

My favorite guilty pleasure of all time, Baskin Robbins 31 Ice cream… And im actually saving up to franchise my own br31 ice cream parlor 

(Taken with Instagram at 9pmhabit)

* * * * * * * *

Seriously, I want to have my own Ice cream parlor, not only because I love Baskin but also because I think I’m going to be successful in this field. Mahirap kasi maging shacho (owner) kung foreigner ka dito sa Japan — no time to further elaborate the reasons why — basta one of my big dreams is to franchise a BR31. Pag na-achieve ko na to, all i would need is a strategically located store, and 2 staffs. No need for marketing strategies because BR will provide it all. No stress, no dramas haha…

SO right now, Im SAVING and making a good name para ma-approve na ko sa business loan when the time comes.

WHatever your big dreams or goals are, GO FOR IT! You have all the time to prepare and when things are falling into places just the way you expected (or not), that’s it!

Basta don’t rush.. Live for that dream.

Libre ang mangarap pero pinaghihirapan yan para makamit.