SHUFFLE TAG: you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: no skipping.

I got tagged by silhouettedredoblivion - thank you so much :))

And here we go…. its like very much an exceprt from my lizzington list as its the one playlist on my iphone right now…yeah i know ;))

1. For You Only - Trading Yesterday

2. Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys

3. I Would Die For You - Jann Arden w/ Sarah McLachlan

5. Please Don’t Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin

6. We Are - Ana Johnsson

7. So Cold - Audio version of hannibalsavvy ‘s fantastic vid (x)

8. Loved - Richard Marx

9. To Be By Your Side - Nick Cave

10. She - Elvis Costello

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chewinggumfortheeyes replied to your post:Did I dream it or did you have a meme/debate/comment or something about the “You think?” when Elizabeth Bennet, um, I mean Madeleine Pratt commented on Lizzie being younger? If so, do you remember where? (and if not, then nevermind me, lol). Just curious to read it again, now I watched it again. :)

TY. Yes, that could be it. I had a feeling it was part of a larger “discussion”, but I did read a lot (!) about TBL right after I finished watching, so I probably have things mixed up lol. Thanks again.

There might have been a larger discussion about this, though. if so, redandlizzie and/or selinabln might be able to help you locate it (they are my go-to ppl when memory fails me).

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Was about to sign off for tonight and go to bed. But then I saw it. Your tag. Wishing that DT and BP would do Persuasion. Ha! Good luck with the sleeping now, me. Because YES. That would be all kinds of awesome. So excuse me while I run this movie in my head instead of sleeping and then dream about it when I eventually fall asleep. Niiice.

OMG YES I WANT IT SO BADLY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. A modern version, one true to the book, doesn’t matter. All I know is that I want it. So so so much. I’m glad Moffat didn’t touch Rose, but I do think it’s a damn shame that we didn’t see BP and DT interact. They have such great chemistry and work so well together, and it makes me sad to think that that might have been the last project they’ll ever do together. Booo. :(

chewinggumfortheeyes replied to your post“There are days when I think its better to stop watching The Blacklist…”

I have no idea what to do, tbh. I’m afraid to invest more into this and have it scattered later on. But I also want to stay calm and trust that we are right. Oh this is so not a good day for this.

Oh, we are right. Unless they change all the facts and the canon they have created but it is getting ridiculous how they handle the paternity question. Its a soap opera plotline at its worst and it was never intended exist in the first place, the original pilot script is a testament for that. But they ran with it the moment the masses jumped to that conclusion. And while I understand why a freshman series would do that to capitalize on the buzz the debate and speculation created I simply find it not justifiable to drag it out for just another episode. For me they are nuking the fridge with it - and the comments by Eisendrath are the worst because they are gold for the daddygaters when they have no other sustainable argument for their interpretation. It’s all gut feeling but it becomes justifiable because the EP says at well it could be a possiblity….

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wahhhhhhhhhhhhh i have been waiting since FOREVER for an update of this AWESOME story… thank you thank you thank you <3

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oh thank goodness there is more, I just reread this yesterday and was pining! seriously pining! Saving it to read later though when I’ve actually rested.

Thank you, guys, so much. ;) I know I’m terrible at updating and I’m probably the slowest ficwriter in existence, so your continued interest means more to me than I can properly articulate.

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Did I dream it or did you have a meme/debate/comment or something about the "You think?" when Elizabeth Bennet, um, I mean Madeleine Pratt commented on Lizzie being younger? If so, do you remember where? (and if not, then nevermind me, lol). Just curious to read it again, now I watched it again. :)

I think it might be this post you’re remembering. I merely pointed out that Red doesn’t seem to give a f**k about age difference. ;)


"Chapter 1/2" -you minx! As ever brilliant -you are very talented!


TBC?!?! Meanie! LOL. Kidding. Kinda ;) - Very good. Aww, Dwayne. ANTON! Great name. Perfect in fact.Perfect way to start DiP day.


AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!(The capitals!! The exclamation marks!! Its started!!)This is brilliant, and TBC??! Not cool! Not cool. ;DCan’t wait to read part two!


How can you leave us hanging like that, meanie?? :pI can’t even explain how much I enjoyed this. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

THANK YOU, GUYS, SO MUCH! Yes, I’m yelling because I love you and because it’s DiP Day again! I know I’m evil but I had to cut this in two. It was too long and I want to watch “208” before finalizing the second chapter. :) 

Whatever happens, I know we’re gonna have a lot of FEELS about it and I can’t wait to suffer with you all. :D

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Are you going to write a longer reaction post / review of the S2 finale or have your feelings calmed now that it's been 12 days? #justcuriuos #andneedtheepisodetolivelonger

Oh yes! Already started typing it up but I have yet to organize it into something semi-coherent. Then I’ll start my S1/S2 re-watch which may or may not result in more gushing/random text post so yeah… the hiatus just started. You ain’t seen teh crazy yet :D

Goood. I just love the name you picked for the “Ex”. Anton! It’s just … Perfect for someone Richard is jealous of. Yes, I am weird. Haha.

Yup, you are - in a TOTALLY good way! :) I love that name, btw, always have, and it came in handy for driving Richard a bit nuts. ;D and thank you!


"Sharp green meets soft brown."

"then playfully ruffles his hair and chuckles - it’s quiet and soft like the fingers combing through his hair."

Great great fic! Worth waiting for. This is now my headcanon!


This is the best day ever. Solely because of this fic :D

Fantastic writing as always, once again you’ve nailed these characters! Some of the descriptive parts of this are some of the most realistic and beautiful I’ve read. You have a way of describing a scene or moment in such a simple yet complete way that it makes it so easy to both read (it flows so well!) but also imagine it in your minds eye. Just brilliant writing, I unfortunately don’t have your talent so can’t tell you just how brilliant this is :D Just know that it is!!


EXACTLY how I imagined that scene would progress! Only, y’know, this is way better because you write so wonderfully.

Thank you, guys, so f-much for being so amazing and kind. You have no idea how much it means to me! I’m still grinning like an idiot, tbh. I was kinda terrified when I posted the first one, so let’s just say I’m beyond thrilled you enjoy reading these little ficlets. I love writing them so yeah… more is on the way. ;) And again, thank you.

Still can’t answer directly, people. I’m sorry. Don’t know what the f*** is up again, so here we go in a text post:


"Hunter" - seriously awesomely fantastic! Thanks for posting.

You’re most welcome! So happy you liked it! :)


I really love your Richard/Camille fanfiction, there seriously needs to be more Death in Paradise fanfic :) Do you think that is them in the gif?

Thanks so much! And ITA. We need more! There can’t be enough as far as I’m concerned. So come on, people! Drink a lot of tea, it helps! Then type!

As for the famous GIFed scene from the BBC trailer, I really don’t know anymore. At first I refused to get my hopes up and was like, “Nope, no, it’s not them.” But now I’m no longer that sure. Mainly because

  • I’m an irrational fangirl
  • of what Ben Miller said in an interview - after they finally squeezed it out of him
  • and also because I really can’t think of any other similar couple who are “main enough” characters in a show to be featured in the trailer

But mscking7 summarized it so perfectly here - and I agree with her completely.

Boy this show has taken over my life… :)

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google translator dziś będzie bardzo zmęczony :) Ale masz rację, ciężko nagle na tumblrze nie mówić po angielsku…

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Jag förstod det! Jag är så stolt:D

chewinggumfortheeyes replied to your post “Idag är det Tala ditt språk-dagen! Så jag kommer att tagga, posta, och…”

Fantastisk! Super dejligt at se. Underligt, men dejligt.

Svarar alla här: Men titta vad coolt det är ändå. Tre olika språk på en och samma post! :D